Christmas Movie Fantasy Team Names

Holiday movies make for the perfect fantasy appeal. After all, they evoke nostalgia and sentiment. When your fantasy football opponent sees your team name, it will cause them to remember a simpler time. A time when they were younger and every problem in life seemed like it could be solved with 90 minutes of plot development and the perfect present under the tree.

Tears well up in your fantasy football opponent’s eyes: What happened to shatter these innocent times? Could it be that living their life as the lackey to a soulless middle manager at the face-punching factory was not the fast track to success? Could all those years of toil and unpaid overtime have led to nothing more than funneling money upward until it was all out of their reach? “Perhaps capitalism is rigged,” they will think, “perhaps it’s not too late to embrace change in an antiquated system. Maybe I should volunteer my life to helping those advocating for political change that brings good to all, not just the wealthy?”

That’s when you stab them and twist the knife.

Metaphorically, of course. I meant “stab them” in the fantasy football sense. And you do it all with love, that’s the beauty of holiday Christmas movie-themed fantasy team names! It is the season of giving, after all, and what is a stabbing but a gift you can give again and again. I’m really into the holiday spirit!

Christmas Movie Fantasy Team Names

Mahome A-Jones


A L-Eifert-ime Gore-i-Ginn-al

Die Hardman

Lev Macktually

The Star Wards Golladay Special

Jingle Golladay

D’Ernest Saves Kmet-mas

Badg Fant-a

Edwards Swift-sorhands

A Kupp-Pitts Chris-Moss Carroll

Ertz Edmond-erful Life

If none of these was quite a perfect fit for you, remember that we have hundreds of fantasy football team names, most catered to a theme!

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