Beebe, Ertz Cole Wentz Hyde: Christmas Song Fantasy Team Names

Not just Christmas song fantasy team names, we’ve got other holiday themes, too! This list was co-authored by: Ken Bakken, Nick Carter, Evan Hoovler, Amanda Rez, and Bryan Sclar

The holidays are here, and that means one thing: Nonstop holiday songs until your ears bleed. But you can weaponize this for fantasy football advantages. Consider this: Your upcoming opponent sees your team is named, “Kittle Fromm-er Boy.” At first, they give it a chuckle. But then they hear Little Drummer Boy and it makes them think of your team. They hear it again, probably on the same car ride, and start to worry, “should I really flex that streaky wide receiver?” Each time they hear it, it yanks them out of reality and sits them smack dab in front of your team. Eventually, your team’s name gets stuck in their head. Rent. Free.

That’s how you live, people!

Christmas Song Fantasy Team Names

Kittle Fromm-er Boy

Beebe, Ertz Cole Outside

Wentz-er Wentz-derland

Allen Wentz for Christmas is Koo

Higbee-Ginn-ing Drew Lock a Lutz Like Christmas

Mo Alie-Night

Have Gore-self a Murray Kittle Christ-Moss

Fant-a Claus is Com-Ingram to Brown

On the Hurst Slay of Chris-mas my Tua Love gave to Me(cole)

Carroll of the Bells

Chark Fitzgerald Angeles sing

Bryce Love-ly Weather Moore a Slay White together Minshew


We Tyreek-ings Goff Gore-i-Wentz Carr

Taysom Fromm-y McKissic-king Santos Claus

Breidal, Breidal, Breidal, I Breid it out of Brei!
And Wentz Ertz Godwin Teddy, then Breidal I will play!

The Melv Golladays Goff Christmas

Engram-ma Godwin-over Ryan reindeer

Hop-py Kins-mas (Ward is over)

Juju Herbert Kai hear

Koo-dolph Tee Reynolds Reindeer

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