COVID-19/Debate Fantasy Football Team Names

It’s a great month for those who hold stock in large, bolded font because politics and pandemics are making headlines at record rates! That’s why we quickly brainstormed this COVID-19/debate fantasy football team names list. Be sure to check out our other coronavirus and debate team names lists. Don’t forget about our huge collection of lists stuffed full of original fantasy football team names.

[This list was written by Ken Bakken, Evan Hoovler, and Joseph Leszkowicz]

COVID-19/Debate Fantasy Football Team Names

Remdesivir the Titans
Vasquez-nation tri-Olsens
MAGA Rally at the Golladay Ginn
Voter IntimiDeShaun
Preston-dential DeTate

VErtz-ual DeBrates
Kuppreme Courtland Kuppointee
Elec-Tyrell Cole-age
O-Ben ‘er Kupp
Tre’ Ward Witten China

Here’s hoping these team names will make your fantasy football opponents quiver at your creativity. Check back next week when we start our Halloween team names lists and send-up the next round of presidential debates.

And now for the part of these team name lists where I have to pad the article out to 300 words, so that search engines know I’m not a robot. It’s insulting, really: A robot could never come up with these 10 Shocking Team Names ( #3 will shock you) or 10 Times the Actresses Didn’t Realize the Camera Was Rolling While Writing their COVID-19/Debate Fantasy Football Team Names (#3 will shock you). So, there!

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