Hot Takes from Crazy People: Thank You, Mr. President

Welcome Hot Takes from Crazy People: Thank You, Mr. President. This is where I comb the comments sections of articles about the NFL to find the hottest, worst opinions.

One staple of this column is a weekly reminder that the thing where robots take over humanity is super far away. Let’s just get that one out right now. Here’s a post from a CNN article about the Titans’ Covid-19 outbreak that is TOTALLY from a COMPLETELY REAL person:

This article also features someone who appears to be trying to get the oft-derailed comment thread on-topic but then… just doesn’t:

Researching these Hot Takes from Crazy People often strains the chains the hold together my mental health. During these times, it often helps me to remember that a lot of these comments are here because these people have been cut off by everyone they know in the outside world. A Facebook comments section no doubt serves as the “supermarket checkout clerk” in terms of available semi-human interaction for this jerkwad:

When I want to post my HOT TAKE about the Washington Football Team and the Clintons, I definitely open my toolbar-overrun browser and search for the Tennessee Titans’ Facebook page.

I also search for “Tennessee Titans’ Facebook Page” when I want to rant about a sour NFL promotional partner from over 5 years ago. I was on the Tennessee Titans Facebook page a lot, this week.

Finally, some fantasy football trade advice…

When considering a trade, be sure to step back and consider the big picture: Does it make your team better now? Does it make your team better for the playoffs? So many people just look to see if a trade improves their starting lineup, which isn’t a good week 4 strategy for long-term success.

Stepping back and looking at the big picture would help these commenters in an article about Mark Rypien’s nephew starting an NFL game:

I don’t care how logical you think you are being, if you step back and your point is “we don’t need entertainment or lawmaking like we NEED check out people,” you need to double-check your work.

Or maybe you are evidence that the emotionless robot uprising is a lot closer than I thought.

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