2 QB Fantasy Football Auction Strategy: Barbe-Two

I put a lot of thought into this 2 QB fantasy football auction strategy guide, but I put even more thought into which cutesy pun to put into the title. After all, my BBQ strategy already has three of the four letters in QB QB. So I thought about calling it 2 QB Fantasy Football Auction Strategy: BBQQ, or maybe 2 QB Fantasy Football Auction Strategy: BBQBQB, or even 2 QB Fantasy Football Auction Strategy: Watch Me Seamlessly Weave in My SEO Keyphrase in a Completely Not-Clunky Way.

Eventually, I settled on Barbe-Two . It’s a fun, made-up word that references my flagship strategy. Most importantly, it helps us get a chunk of that no-doubt sizeable traffic from people searching to see if the film Barbarella ever got a sequel. Did it get a sequel? If so, it’s probably called something like Barbarella 2: Fonda Was Too Expensive so Here’s Twiggy. Speaking of Twiggy, let’s get on with the 2 QB strategy that will get your auction team looking like a supermodel.

Again, so seamless.

2 QB Fantasy Football Auction Strategy

Note: For this to work, you actually have to know what players you want and don’t want. If you’re not there, get a BeerSheet.

1. Figure out which QBs and RBs you are in love with, and get two of them

You want two top-eighteen players. Seriously, it’s an auction, live a little! You should be spending somewhere in the range of $95-$120 for these players, aiming for about $105 for smooth budgeting purposes.

2. Round out your two superstars with a $35 QB or RB

If your $95-$120 pair is both RBs, you’ll want to go mid-thirties for a QB. If you already have at least 1 QB, get a running back at this step. Exactly how much you can spend depends upon where your top two players went in relation to $105. Did you get them for $100? You can toss $5 extra on this $35 guy. Spent $120? You’ll want to back out here when the bidding gets to ~$20.

3. Get a $25 RB

Again, this fluctuates based on how the above went. $15-$30 is the value that these last usable tier “more than just a body that’s starting” guys go for, and we all know RB depth is key.

4. Get a 2nd QB if you haven’t already

Generally speaking, spending ~$10 at this spot should get you someone passable for a QB2.

5. Don’t get your WRs until they are at DEEP discount

Beersheets has $250 more spent on QBs in 2 QB leagues. That’s $250 that has to come from somewhere else, and it’s not coming out of the bidding for those popular RBs. You want to spend about $10-15 total for your first two WRs (again, if you’ve been getting discounts at the above positions, you can go higher). But, you still want your WRs to be really good.

Seem impossible? It will almost always happen. Seriously, check out this Beersheet for an average 2-QB league. Look at those insane values for the end of the 4th tier of WR. And that’s just the worst-case scenario. Usually, people will overbid on the first 25% of players (heck, this very article says to just go get two guys you want, sticker price be danged!) So, if your auction goes like normal, you’ll be able to get even better guys than the chart indicates.

6. Round out your team with a few great $2 bench players

Because the market collapses so hard in two-QB leagues, you will be able to round out your team with a decent TE, Def, K, and bench for only a few bucks each, max. The key is to keep about 1.5x the number of open slots remaining, so you can bid when someone else nominates someone. People who get stuck with just $1 per slot remaining have to wait and wait until everyone else has the players they want. But just $2 means they can bid on everyone they like, greatly increasing their odds of landing players they love.

So that’s Barbe-Two, a repeatable plan for ending up with a 2-QB auction team you love. For more info, discussion, and engaging mocktions, hop on over into our Discord.


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