Fantasy Football Auction Draft Strategy from a Vet: Drafts On Tap 1

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Welcome to Drafts On Tap, where I record me doing an entire mock auction with ample commentary. In this inaugural episode I encounter the first-ever deviancy from what I thought was my completely airtight BBQ auction draft strategy. Is my pet auction draft strategy flexible enough to overcome the 1% exception to its rules? Watch and find out.


  • The video ends early: I round out the draft with J.K. Dobbins ($4), Alexander Mattison ($1), Will Fuller ($1), Zack Moss ($1), Daniel Jones ($1) and Drew Lock ($1). This rounded out my running back and wide receiver depths, finally giving me a team I could get quite excited about.
  • Of course BBQ strategy could adjust! Sure, it’s the first of literally 100 auctions over 2 years where a WR2 doesn’t go for an absolute steal, but that’s not a big obstacle. I should’ve anticipated this because the early players were so affordable. Yet even without realizing this would happen, I stumbled into getting my WRs taken care of early.
  • Yahoo! gave this auction a 97/100. However Yahoo! tends to overvalue squads with 3+ QBs, so use this number only for entertainment value.
  • Of particular note is the auction draft strategy of pairing players that will perform well in the short term, but drop off (Fuller, Chris Carson), with rookies/backups who will need time to develop (Dobbins, Mattison, and Moss).
  • For those who use my 2020 auction values, take special note of how those aren’t a hard-and-fast guide on how high to go on every player. Instead, they are a list of what I expect to be the max value you ever have to pay for a player. That way you can plan for a worst-case-scenario and still get your top 2 faves.

Best of luck, hope this helps you get more of the exciting nuances to fantasy football auction draft strategy. Tune in this Friday, 7/31/20, at 6 PM PST at when I’ll be doing another live auction. This time with special guest Waleed Ismail, stand up comic extraordinaire and co-owner of Football Absurdity.

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