2020 Seattle Seahawks Mock Draft: All Steak no Sizzle

The 2020 NFL Draft is tonight! Hooray! I’m so excited to get together with the rest of the Football Absurdity writing team and workshop all the jokes we will be Tweeting throughout the draft. But first I should do a Seattle Seahawks mock draft since that’s where I live so I guess I’m supposed to know all about them.

As always, I will use the excellent mock draft resource at thedraftnetwork.com. Seattle’s draft deal is this: They shored up every position in free agency, so they can pick the best playmaker at practically any position. This should make mocking a lot of fun, so let me get into it. As always, I won’t do rounds 6 and 7 because that info is way too speculative.

2020 Seattle Seahawks Mock Draft
Round 1, Pick 27: Kenneth Murray, LB, Oklahoma

Ranked #2 in the FantasyPros aggregate, Murray has the explosiveness needed to stand out and make plays. Seattle needs to invest in a long-term solution at linebacker, and Murray was definitely the best player in a field of RBs and OLs. He should be able to get fans excited and sell seats more than their defensive gap-fillers currently do.

Round 2, Pick 59: Kyle Dugger, S, Lenoir-Rhyne

Dugger is rated a top 5 safety prospect and should help the Seahawks seal off the top of the defense. His athleticism is- wait… Lenoir-Rhyne college? What is that? Google tells me it is a Division II private university in North Carolina. He won player of the year and was among the top performer in the Combine. What really makes him a good fit for the Seahawks is his dual-threat nature as both a safety and a returner. The ‘Hawks top punt returner had under 100 total yards for the season, 30th among all NFL players.

Round 2, Pick 64: Julian Okwara, Edge, Notre Dame

The Seahawks were second-to-last in total sacks, last year. Okwara could change that. Ranked as the #2 edge rusher by some outlets, Okwara has all the talent to make a big splash. He is a bit of a project, as his technical know-how needs work, but for pick 64 this is the best bet for an explosive, game-changing player.

Round 3, Pick 101: Hunter Bryant, TE, Washington

The overall top-rated tight end according to FantasyPros, Bryant has the skills and the talent to make an immediate impact on the Seahawks offense. His football knowledge is quite high, which could lead to him becoming another Russell Wilson favorite to look for when the play breaks down. It could be quite the story: Talented local boy provides the missing piece for dynamite offense.

Round 4, Pick 133: Darrynton Evans, RB, Appalachian State

Seattle’s stable of backs lacks a home run hitter with a minimal injury history. Evans fills that role excellently. He’s falling down draft boards due to his lack of skill as an interior rusher, but Seattle already has that in Chris Carson and Rashaad Penny. This really is a perfect fit, and a few big rushes should get fans excited about Seattle’s offense, again.

Round 4, Pick 144: John Simpson, OL, Clemson

This late in the draft I just like to pick the biggest guy and hope for the best. That’s the 6’5″, 330-pound blocker Simpson. He helped Clemson get to the championship game in 2019, so there might be enough experience there to polish him into a decent lineman,

That’s the Seahawks mock draft. I really hope they end up getting some of these guys, as they have big-play potential. If I have to watch the Seahawks at the local bar every week, I at least want them to look exciting.

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