The Absurdity Report: NCAA/NFL Funniest Memes, Videos, Moments of Week 13

Stefon Diggs Minnesota Vikings Fantasy Football

Each week I will be discussing the funniest football happenings that take place in the NFL. All the hoopla of the players, crowds, and referees will be under my absurdity microscope. Get ready to enjoy the wacky, zany, silly, and unpredictability that occurs during the season as we examine the funniest tweets, memes, and plays for Week 13.

NFL Funny Video: Matt Ryan Got Face-Planted

NFL Funny Meme: Darth Destruction 

NFL Funny Video: Wrong-Way Wilson

NFL Awesome Video: Open Rhodes

NFL Funny Video: Another Booger Blooper

NFL Funny Video: Rudolph Still Useful

NFL Funny Meme: I’m Not Doing the Chop

NFL Amazing Video: When the Fake is Real

NFL Funny Meme: Yoda Murray

And the Seahawks weren’t to be outdone…

NFL Funny Meme: Mustaches Never Die

NFL Funny Video: In Ro-Sham-Bow, Wall Never Loses to Rock

NFL Funny Video: Baker Needs to Cook Up Wins

NFL Savage Meme: Head Hunting Lamar


NFL Funny Video: Brady Bad Lip Reading 


Come back next week because…

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