Start or Sit Alshon Jeffery, Tyler Lockett, or Sterling Shepard in Week 14?

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Should I Start or Sit Alshon Jeffery, Tyler Lockett, or Sterling Shepard in Week 14?

As you know, my wife and I are going head to head this year to see who is better at predicting the unpredictable, and telling you who you should start or sit. I am using mostly statistical analysis with a touch of a gut feeling. Erin is using whatever thing she uses to tell you how each player’s name speaks to her. We’ve already talked Week 14 quarterbacks. Now, we’re talking some Week 14 wide receivers. 


Week 14 Start or Sit Picks

Start or Sit Alshon Jeffery vs. New York Giants in Week 14

Bryan’s Take: Sure, last week, Alshon put up 137 yards and a TD against the Dolphins and their 23rd-ranked pass defense. You know who’s worse than that? The Giants’ 25th-ranked pass defense. This is a must win home game for the Eagles, so don’t expect them to let off the gas until the final whistle. Start Alshon Jeffery in Week 14.

Erin’s Take: So, he’s got a last name as his first name, and a first name as his last name? I don’t think you can trust a guy with a flip-flopped name like that. I feel like he’s a poor fantasy choice because he’s all backwards. Sit Alshon Jeffery in Week 14.


Start or Sit Tyler Lockett at Los Angeles Rams in Week 14

Bryan’s Take: Let’s review Lockett’s last three games. Week 10: 3/26/0, Week 12: 1/38/0, Week 13: 0/0/0. All this following a 13/152/2 line in Week 9. What the heck happened??? Well, it appears to be some combination of Wilson coming down to Earth, and D.K. Metcalf and Jacob Hollister making some noise on offense. He could very well blow up again, and make me look stupid, but I would not be comfortable starting Lockett right now. Sit Tyler Lockett in Week 14.

Erin’s Take: The name “Lockett” immediately reminded me of the Dr. Seuss book There’s a Wocket in my Pocket. Which I guess is a good thing, but I’m not sure. “Tyler” was the actual first name of  the baby in The Hangover that looked like a “Carlos.” Which, again, I guess is good, but I’m just not getting a really good feeling about the whole thing. Sit Tyler Lockett in Week 14.


Start or Sit Sterling Shepard at Philadelphia Eagles in Week 14

Bryan’s Take: It looks like Daniel Jones will miss week 14, and Shepard will be reunited with his old flame Eli Manning. In the last three games, Shepard had 25 targets, but only wrangled 13 catches. Maybe his catch rate gets a little bump with Eli under center…maybe? I think it could happen. Even though we haven’t seen the old Manning face in a couple months, I’m sure he still knows how to throw a football. Plus, the Eagles have a solid offense, and a weak defense. A combination that should serve you well. Start Sterling Shepard in Week 14.

Erin’s Take: “Sterling” is a name for a sultry, mysterious character from a cheap romance novel. He’s strong and passionate, and sounds like he could be the new Fabio. Start Sterling Shepard in Week 14.


Final Ranks
Bryan: Alshon Jeffery > Sterling Shepard > Tyler Lockett
Erin: Sterling Separd > Tyler Lockett > Alshon Jeffery


Check back as we keep score on who made the best calls for week 14, and come back tomorrow for Bryan and Erin’s Week 14 running back start/sit calls.

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