Start or Sit Benny Snell, Derrius Guice, or Jonathan Williams in Week 13?

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Should I Start or Sit Benny Snell, Derrius Guice, or Jonathan Williams in Week 13?

As you know, my wife and I are going head to head this year to see who is better at predicting the unpredictable, and telling you who you should start or sit. I am using mostly statistical analysis with a touch of gut feeling. Erin is using whatever thing she uses to tell you how each player’s name speaks to her. We’ve already covered some tight ends and wide receivers. Let’s take a look at some Week 13 running backs. 


Week 13 Start or Sit Picks

Start or Sit Benny Snell vs. Cleveland Browns Week 13

Bryan’s Take: What can I say about Benny Snell? Seriously, I have no idea what to talk about. He’s big, he’s kind of slow and he pounded out 98 yards last week… against the Bengals. No team has given up more rushing yards than the Bengals, and it’s not close. So, we’ll take that performance with a grain of salt. Oh, the Steelers have a revolving door at QB. That doesn’t help. This week they’re facing a Browns team that may have finally started playing professional football. They haven’t given up a rushing touchdown since Week 9 and smothered this same Steelers team just two weeks ago. These are two teams going in opposite directions. Sit Benny Snell in Week 13. 

Erin’s Take: “Snell” sounds like a kind of fish you’d find as a local delicacy somewhere. It’s not something you can buy at your local grocery store. Also, how can you not like a guy named “Benny”? Altogether, he sounds like a friendly, special catch. Start Benny Snell in Week 13.


Start or Sit Derrius Guice at Carolina Panthers Week 13

Bryan’s Take: Guice had a rather discouraging return last week, touching the ball 11 times for 38 total yards. Blech! Box score aside, Guice clearly looked like the best runner in Washington, leading hopeful fantasy owners to believe that better days are ahead. Those better days could very well start this week. The Panthers are 6th worst against the run, allowing an average of 127 rushing yards per game. They’ve also surrendered 19 rushing touchdowns, far and away the most in the league. Barring another inexplicable split with Adrian Peterson and/or Wendell Smallwood, Guice should fair much better in this one. Start Derrius Guice in Week 13.

Erin’s Take: Like Benny Snell, Derrius Guice also sounds like a nice guy. I think it’s funny that his last name looks like “juice”, but sounds like “ice.” Which reminds me, I need to pick up juice and ice for cocktails tonight. All good vibes here. Start Derrius Guice in Week 13.


Start or Sit Jonathan Williams vs. Tennessee Titans Week 13

Bryan’s Take: Thanks to some lively back-and-forth on our discord last week, I learned that Jonathan Williams touched the ball on seven of the Colts’ first nine plays. He was getting fed like a college kid returning home for Thanksgiving dinner. All that overeating resulted in Williams’ 2nd straight 100+ yard game, and this time he added a touchdown. It’s troubling that it took him twice as many carries as the previous week, but we’ll take it. This week he’s expected to start again, and will be facing a Titans squad that was crushed by Leonard Fournette in Week 12, tore up by Damien Williams in Week 10, and destroyed by Christian McCaffrey in Week 9. Start Jonathan Williams in Week 13.

Erin’s Take: I keep saying these totally generic names on these lists. It’s hard to get more basic than “Jonathan Williams.” That said, the only other Jonathan that comes to mind is Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Come on, you couldn’t go wrong with a little JTT back in the day. I like everyone on this list! Start Jonathan Williams in Week 13.


Final Ranks

Bryan: Jonathan Williams > Derrius Guice > Benny Snell

Erin: Benny Snell > Jonathan Williams > Derrius Guice


Check back as we keep score on who made the best calls for week 13, and come back next week for more of Bryan and Erin’s start/sit calls.

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