Start or Sit David Johnson, Kalen Ballage, or James White in Week 11?

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Should I Start or Sit David Johnson, Kalen Ballage, or James White in Week 11?

As you know, my wife and I are going head to head this year to see who is better at predicting the unpredictable, and telling you who you should start or sit. I am using mostly statistical analysis with a touch of gut feeling. Erin is using whatever thing she uses to tell you how each player’s name speaks to her. We’ve already covered some tight ends and wide receivers. Let’s look at some Week 11 running backs. 


Week 11 Start or Sit Picks

Start or Sit David Johnson vs. San Francisco 49ers Week 11

Bryan’s Take: If you’re still thinking of starting David Johnson, I have one word for you: Run. Which, coincidentally, is something Johnson hasn’t done pretty much all year. 2019 was expected to be somewhat of a return to form for the former best RB in football. Instead, he’s looked hesitant and sluggish and is now sharing the backfield with Kenyan Drake. For the record, I’m not a Drake believer, but he may be the best RB in Arizona right now. Sit David Johnson in Week 11. 

Erin’s Take: He shares a name with my father so that scores some points with me. However, “David Johnson” is a rather boring, non-athletic name. I would never start my dad, and you should sit David Johnson in Week 11.


Start or Sit Kalen Ballage vs. Buffalo Bills Week 11

Bryan’s Take: Speaking of Kenyan Drake, his departure has opened the door for Kalen Ballage to be the best version of Kalen Ballage he can be. I’m not really sure what that is. He’s been essentially terrible his entire career. Ballage ran for a season-high 43 yards last week… on TWENTY carries. Yes, you did the math right. That’s a little over two yards per rush in a game where he got all but six of the Dolphins carries. The Bills gave up over 100 yards to Nick Chubb but stuffed him at the goal line five times. So, in Ballage, we’ve got an RB that has trouble gaining yards versus a defense that just kept a far more talented RB from scoring. Sit Kalen Ballage in Week 11.

Erin’s Take: Trusting Kalen Ballage is like gambling at the Ballage-io. The Bellagio is one of the most luxurious hotels in Las Vegas. So, even if you lose, it’s not all that bad just being there! I’d take the gamble, and start Kalen Ballage in Week 11.


Start or Sit James White at Philadelphia Eagles Week 11

Bryan’s Take: It’s true that the Patriots backfield is a crowded one. And, it’s been clear that they’re trying to get Sony Michel workhorse-type work this year (not counting the Week 9 blowout loss to the Ravens). All that said, White has been incredibly consistent, averaging over 60 all-purpose yards per game. The Eagles are phenomenal against the run, which is tragic news for Sony Michel, but not for James White. He’ll get plenty of dump-offs and screens and wheel routes, oh my! Start James White in Week 11.

Erin’s Take: Because he plays in Massachusetts, his name makes me think of James “Whitey” Bulger. Bulger was extremely resourceful and was able to elude capture for years. If the Patriots’ James White is half as sneaky, he will be great. Start James White in Week 11.


Final Ranks

Bryan: James White > Kalen Ballage > David Johnson

Erin: James White > Kalen Ballage > David Johnson


Check back as we keep score on who made the best calls for week 11, and come back next week for more of Bryan and Erin’s start/sit calls.

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