Absurdity Check: Should I Trade CMC?

Should I Trade CMC?

In our free fantasy advice Discord, we’re being asked to weigh in on a lot of trade offers. CMC is easily the hottest fantasy player in 2019, and is on-pace to have the second best fantasy season by a running back since 2000. So, it’s understandable that a lot of players are wondering, “should I trade CMC” before he cools off. Or maybe he won’t cool off until he gets that bucket of ice-cold Gatorade dumped on him for winning fantasy MVP (that’s a thing, right?) Either way, trade proposals are flying and people are considering whether to trade CMC.

The short answer to this question is, “sure, if you get a good enough offer.” But, so far, we haven’t seen one trade offer for CMC that comes even close to good enough. You’re not going to trade CMC for a handful of some magic beans, obviously, but for some reason when an opposing owner says, “okay, but what about a truckful of magic beans,” CMC owners go, “hmmm…” People, this guy is averaging 22% more points per game than the #2 RB, 33% more than the #3 RB, and 50% more than the #4 RB! This is a special, once-in-a-decade fantasy stud, and trading him away could cost you the championship. So be choosy

On our Discord, user FakePlasticTea has said he wouldn’t trade CMC for anything less than the #1 WR, the #1 QB, and a top 5 RB. Mind you, I assume he meant #1 as in “top projected for rest of season” because the #1 RB is Chris Godwin. A trade of CMC for Godwin, Lamar Jackson (the #1 QB) and Austin Ekeler (a top 5 RB) isn’t enough, in my opinion. You want a package like Nick Chubb, Michael Thomas, and Russell Wilson.

Remember, CMC can win you entire weeks, so don’t sell him for a bunch of starting players just because they are better than your starting players. In trades, scarcity determines the real value someone will pay for them, and CMC’s performance makes him scarcer than a proud fan in a Bengals jersey: In the past 20 years, only one other player has put up the numbers he has, so plan accordingly.

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