The Top 5 Women’s Football Plays in the History of Powerpuff

* that I could find on Youtube during my lunch break.

More women should play football. They should have women’s high school football teams: In 2016, 1,900 women played football on the high school men’s team. Then we can have more plays like this:

While I appreciate the finesse of the fake throw, if you have a full back who can barrel over defenders, just hand it to them straightaway.

One big objection to letting women play on the line is that they can’t block large men. This is fair, bodies are different. But if you let women players battle other women players, they can block the tar out of each other:

They should have put that purple lady in the backfield instead of those two purple players who can’t throw a block when the ball sails over the QBs head.

Women are way better at trick plays too, because everyone thinks “what’s this silly woman doing, is she afraid the ball has too much icky sweat on it?”

Also love the cut to the end zone at the end there.

If the Lingerie Football League ever decides to take itself seriously and put clothes on their athletes, Abby Begin should probably try out:

Now, you’re probably thinking that there was a lot of sloppy tackling on that play (especially since tackling just involves pulling off a flag). So have another dose of this runner with a play that has more cuts than an emo teenager:

So, for all you billionaires reading my article right now, go out and found a woman’s football league! I need another excuse to drink beer!

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