Absurdity Check: Should I Drop Damien Williams?

Should I Drop Damien Williams?

In our popular Discord for fantasy football advice, we are getting a lot of people asking “should I drop Damien Williams?” Our answer is a resounding, “No! You shouldn’t have picked him up in the first place.”

I’m going to invent a new punctuation mark to express how shocked I am that these Damien Williams owners are hanging on to them like a bankrupt MLM victim hangs on to their room full of Mary Kay cosmetics. The punctuation mark is going to be like an exclamation point, except with three dots and three lines because I am so extra-shook by the news that Damien Williams is still owned in 88% of Yahoo! fantasy leagues. Or, actually, I guess I could just type “!!!” Okay, never mind then, back to Damien Williams…

Williams was overhyped in the preseason after a hobbling Kansas City offense forced them to start this guy for four great fantasy weeks at the end of 2018. Despite Kansas City telegraphing how much they hate him by drafting a running back and signing two more (LeSean McCoy and Carlos Hyde),  PollyAnna fantasy owners still drafted him as high as the second round.

Jeff Krisko called him “the most obvious fantasy bust of the preseason” on our podcast, yet people decided to clog up their benches with this J.A.G. en masse. I can live with that. What I can’t comprehend is that we are now halfway through the fantasy season, yet he is still owned in almost 90% of leagues!!!

Damien Williams is bad, yo, and you should drop him: He hasn’t had more than 9 fantasy points since week 1. He hasn’t crossed ten carries in a game since week 1. He had 100% of his team’s carries week 5 and still only managed 5.3 fantasy points!!!

Kansas City doesn’t run. Kansas City sure doesn’t want to give him any good schemes or blocking when they do run. Kansas City hates Damien Williams, so why doesn’t everybody else?

Add/Drops clear on Tuesday or Wednesday in most leagues. Not only should you drop Damien Williams for literally any waiver wire lottery ticket, if I don’t see his ownership plummet to under 50% this week, I’m going to keep writing “Should I drop Damien Williams” articles every Monday until it does.

Damien Williams, if you’re reading this (I know he does), you’re a wonderful guy, I’m sure. But not for fantasy. Call me.

Once you pick up another player, use our huge library of funny fantasy football team names to announce your separation from Damien Williams.


[Photo Credit: https://www.news.com.au/entertainment/movies/the-omen-star-who-played-devilchild-damien-faces-jail-for-punching-two-cyclists-in-a-road-rage-attack/news-story/23b2c5464068a85e5918b956af915b95]

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