Absurdity Check: Pick a Fantasy Football Team Name Already!!

It’s almost the halfway point of the regular fantasy season, and still I’m seeing fantasy football “team names” like:

This is the current, sad state of affairs in our Football Absurdity experts league:

5 of 11 teams (I’m not counting the Yahoo robot team which, by the way, started 3 players who aren’t playing this week and still won). This is unacceptable! Fantasy football team names are one of the most fun parts of this pastime, and can be enjoyed even if your team sucks. There’s no excuse to not have a fantasy football team name, because we provide you with some of the best in the industry:

2019 Halloween Fantasy Football Team Names

2019 Fantasy Football Team Names: TV Edition!

Fantasy Football Team Names: Bob Marley Edition

2019 Fantasy Football Team Names: The Musical Edition

Funny 2019 Fantasy Football Team Names: U.S. Politics Edition

2019 NFL Rookie Fantasy Football Team Names: Love Will Grier Us Apart

So go into your league, click team, click settings (or that little gear icon depending on your league site), then change your team name. Today! Do this now!


Photo Credit: https://www.pexels.com/photo/grayscale-photo-of-man-thinking-in-front-of-analog-wall-clock-1194196/

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