Start or Sit Carson Wentz, Kirk Cousins, or Gardner Minshew Week 6

Each week I’ll be taking three similarly ranked players and tell you if they are a start (they will score more than the average for the player currently at the position where they are ranked) or a sit (they will score less than the average). I’ll also rank them. Then, I’ll take the Yahoo Fantasy Football app’s predictions and see if I’m doing better or worse. The scoring will be HPPR, but the predictions work for 0 PPR or 1 point-per-reception scoring, as well. Note: Yahoo! might update their projections mid-week, in which case I’ll update this article.

Week 5 score: Yahoo 5-1, Me 4-2

Overall Season score: Yahoo 8-4, Me 10-2

Start or Sit Carson Wentz, Kirk Cousins, or Gardner Minshew Week 6
Start or Sit Carson Wentz Week 6
Currently Ranked on SportingNews: 12th

Average Weekly Score for the 12th-ranked QB in 2019: 17.91

Carson Wentz has been disappointing owners who reached for him in drafts, breaking 20 points in just 2 out of 5 games. He seems to do poorly against good defenses, which is bad news because he’s facing the Vikings (8th best in points allowed for fantasy quarterbacks). There’s got to be someone better in your free agency pool if you’re in a one-QB league. I say sit Carson Wentz in week 6.

Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football predicts Wentz will score 17.48 points, so they want to sit Carson Wentz in week 6.


Start or Sit Kirk Cousins in Week 6
Currently Ranked on SportingNews: 11th

Average Weekly Score for the 11th-Ranked QB in 2019: 18.51

Kirk Cousins has been surprisingly okay for fantasy purposes, and it helps that he seems to be forcing the ball to his best receivers, now. He finally cleared 20 fantasy points for the first time in week 5. This week, however, he gets an Eagles defense that is considerably less of a mess than the Giants were last week. I just can’t count on a guy who had four straight fantasy stinkers before having an okay game to produce against a decent defense. So I will sit Kirk Cousins week 6.

Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football  predicts Breida to score 16.80, which is a nod to sit Kirk Cousins in week 6.


Start or Sit Gardner Minshew Week 6
Currently Ranked on SportingNews: 13th

Average Weekly Score for the 13th-Ranked QB in 2019: 17.42

Gardner has been Mr. Consistent as a bye-week fill-in, never scoring less than 16 points. Of course, he’s never scored more than 21, either. However, if you’re thinking about whether to start-or-sit Gardner Minshew, you’re probably looking for more of a floor than a ceiling, which is what he gives yo. Against a New Orleans secondary that is hit-or-miss, not much has to break right for Minshew to exceed 17.42 points. So I’ll start Gardner Minshew week 6.

Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football, which seems to hate all fringe quarterbacks, estimates Minshew will score 16.87 points, so they say sit Gardner Minshew in  week 6.

Carson Wentz, Kirk Cousins, and Gardner Minshew ranked for week 6:

Evan Hoovler (that’s me): Minshew > Wentz > Cousins

Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football: Wentz > Minshew > Cousins

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