The Absurdity Report: The Funniest NFL Tweets, Memes, and Plays For Week 5

Each week I will be discussing the funniest football happenings that take place in the NFL. All the hoopla of the players, crowds, and referees will be under my absurdity microscope. Get ready to enjoy the wacky, zany, silly, and unpredictability that occurs during the season as we examine the funniest Tweets, memes, and plays for Week 5.

Funny NFL Meme #1: The Struggle is Real


Funny NFL Meme #2: Tools of the trade


Funny NFL Meme #3: Who says Michael Jackson is dead?


Funny NFL Meme #4: Greg, you had one job to do.


Funny NFL Tweet #1: Money saved is money earned.


Funny NFL Meme#5: Playoff Update is a thing now


Funny NFL Tweet #2: Old friends can reunite



Funny NFL Play #1: When one star is trying his hardest to match his star QB


Funny NFL Play #2: Watch me pull a touchdown out of my hat


Funny NFL Play #3: Aaron Jones likes to say “Hello” and


NFL injury video#1: Mason Rudolph just got deebo’d


NFL unsportsmanlike video#1: Ritchie Incognito should play that way, “Incognito”


NFL Awesome Play#1: CMC is the real Superman on the team

NFL funny video #1: Miami doesn’t lose for the first all season.


NFL funny video#2: Baker Mayfield fairly treated by George Kittle


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