Start or Sit Royce Freeman, Matt Breida, or Tevin Coleman Week 6

Each week I’ll be taking three similarly ranked players and tell you if they are a start (they will score more than the average for the player currently at the position where they are ranked) or a sit (they will score less than the average). I’ll also rank them. Then, I’ll take the Yahoo Fantasy Football app’s predictions and see if I’m doing better or worse. The scoring will be HPPR, but the predictions work for 0 PPR or 1 point-per-reception scoring, as well. Note: Yahoo! might update their projections mid-week, in which case I’ll update this article.

Week 5 score: Yahoo 5-1, Me 4-2

Overall Season score: Yahoo 8-4, Me 10-2

Start or Sit Royce Freeman, Matt Breida, or Tevin Coleman Week 6
Start or Sit Royce Freeman Week 6
Currently Ranked on SportingNews: 32nd

Average Weekly Score for the 32nd-Ranked RB in 2019: 9.30

Freeman has definitely taken the back seat to an explosive Phillip Lindsay: Despite getting only 1 fewer touch, Freeman had just a bit more than 1/3 the fantasy points of Lindsay, last week. This week, the Broncos face Tennessee’s hot-or-cold defense, ranked 10th-best in the league in fantasy points allowed to running backs. This one is a real coin toss, I’m going to lean toward Denver’s dual-threat running game exhausting the Titans in mile-high stadium, and say start Royce Freeman week 6.

Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football predicts Freeman will score 6.94 points, so they want to sit Royce Freeman in week 6.


Start or Sit Matt Breida in Week 6
Currently Ranked on SportingNews: 28th

Average Weekly Score for the 28th-Ranked RB in 2019: 10.40

Breida exploded last week, turning his 14 touches into 26.40 fantasy points against the Browns. This week the 49ers go against the Los Angeles Rams defense, which is similarly ranked in terms of points allowed to running backs (bottom third of the league). Still, with Tevin Coleman set to again take the largest cut of the carries, Breida will probably need a big play in order to hit double digits. I never like to rely on a RB to get a big play, so I’m going to sit Matt Breida in week 6.

Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football  predicts Breida to score 9.48, which is a nod to sit Matt Breida in week 5.


Start or Sit Tevin Coleman Week 6
Currently Ranked on SportingNews: 29th

Average Weekly Score for the 29th-Ranked RB in 2019: 10.28

Coleman jumped right in like he hadn’t been limited with an injury, getting 16 carries for almost 100 yards and a touchdown. San Francisco seems content to play the clock game, running the ball frequently while relying on their speedy defense. I like the main ball carrier in these situations, so I advise you start Tevin Coleman in week 6.

Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football estimates Gore will score a piddling 7.71 points, so they say sit Tevin Coleman in  week 6.

Royce Freeman, Matt Breida, and Tevin Coleman ranked for week 6:

Evan Hoovler (that’s me): Coleman > Freeman > Breida

Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football: Breida > Coleman > Freeman

Wow! Yahoo! and I disagree on literally everything. Be sure to check back next week to see which of us is the superior fantasy prognosticator.

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