Worrisome Warriors: Breakfast Edition – Should I Drop Delanie Walker, Nelson Agholor, and Sony Michel?

These worrisome warriors are typically hotcakes, but their recent numbers are colder than forgotten porridge. Peaks and troughs are typical for offensive players, but statistical nosedives can be indicative of a bigger problem. A single abysmal player performance can single-handedly take down a team in a close matchup, so keep an eye on these players going forward.

Should I Drop Sony Michel, New England Patriots

Like a plate of pancakes from a local diner, expectations can be high going in and crushed coming out, which they certainly were for Sony Michel at the start of this season. Averaging over 4 yards a carry last year, it seemed like even with New England’s full backfield of running backs that Michel would be their workhorse. Rex Burkhead has some solid numbers and gets a fair amount of touches, but he’s scrambled eggs compared to Sony Michel’s omelette. New England is still trusting him with over 15 rushing attempts per game to Burkhead’s 6. Something to note is the fact Burkhead did indeed get 11 carries against the Jets, but that game was extremely atypical and shouldn’t necessarily be trusted in the scheme of things. With that said, New England has a pretty easy schedule moving forward. These games will be extremely unpredictable, which makes both Michel’s floor and ceiling hard to judge. I have a feeling he’ll be the syrup that touches your eggs; sometimes pleasant, but never something you really want. I’d consider Michel to be a volatile option moving forward, finding more consistent numbers in the later half of the season. Keep him around, just don’t play him if you have better options.


Should I Drop Nelson Agholor, Philadelphia Eagles

He has been a blessing, like finding an extra piece of bacon under your hashbrowns. But this eggcelent receiver could potentially become toast. The Eagles offense has suffered two losses without DeSean Jackson and Alshon Jeffery, and though they squeezed out a win against a tough Packers defense in week 4, it’s clear that Philadelphia struggles without their star receivers. Agholor has had great numbers in their absence, but a week 4 dud saw only 27 passing attempts from Wentz when Jeffery returned, only one of which went Agholor’s way. When Jackson comes back , Agholor’s numbers and looks will decrease even further, which reduces his ceiling greatly. His numbers are tempting enough with his 3 touchdowns in those 2 weeks, but simply put, Agholor’s time to shine has severely faded. The Eagles will most likely rest Jackson against a Jets defense that will suffer greatly on the scoreboard. If a large lead is found early, Agholor won’t be seeing many targets coming his way. It’s safe to assume this week 5 touchdown dependent receiver is best left on the bench, or if you need the spot you can go ahead and drop Nelson Agholor.

Should I Drop Delanie Walker, Tennessee Titans

His incredible week 1 performance showed that this old man still has the chops. His breakfast routine has stayed consistent over the years: Five eggs, two pieces of bacon, and eighty waffles. This waffle overload has given Walker a carb and sugar boost that allows him to do amazing things, like average over 40 yards and just under 6 targets a game, which definitely gives him consistency. Like most tight ends, you shouldn’t shoot for the stars, but rather aim for the ozone, or maybe a nearby asteroid. Walker is actually consistent enough to warrant a spot on most rosters. The issues is Tennessee not being consistent enough to start Walker on an every week basis. You can order your offense extra crispy, but they’re not always going to come out that way. They managed a measly 10 points against Atlanta and, looking forward, they’re not expected to raise any eyebrows against Buffalo at home. Walker is a consistent player, yes, but without a consistent offense, it’s better to use him based on matchups as the season progresses. He’ll have some better luck in the coming weeks against teams like the Chargers and the Buccaneers but certainly shouldn’t be used every week. So keep him, but look for better options this week.

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