Week Six QB Sleepers – The Gardner Snake

Week six is here, which means that we’re almost halfway through this fantasy football season. We’ve seen some incredible ups and downs from quarterback, and the attrition at the position has led to a lot of QBs being owned. I’m not going to lie to you, these week six quarterback sleepers don’t make me feel great. Well, except Gardner Minshew. These week six fantasy football quarterback sleepers come with the same caveats as every week. First, make sure you check out Waleed’s Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet before considering these QBs. Second, players qualify for this list when they have sub-50% ownership (though I stretched that just a bit this week), with one QB sleeper clocking in at sub-10% ownership.

Week Six QB Sleeper:
Gardner Minshew II versus New Orleans (50% Owned)

I’m not naming any names, but some of us, one of whom may be writing this article, are terrible at accounting for bye weeks. And again, not to throw anyone under the bus, but that may or may not mean that I… I mean, uh, this person currently rosters both Josh Allen and Jacoby Brissett (both on Bye). That means that I’m not only the President of the Gardner Snake Streaming Club, I’m a member.

This weekend will test Evan Hoovler’s Football Absurdity Podcast (wherever you can find podcasts!) theory that the Saints might not actually be a good quarterback streaming target. Minshew’s done enough to maybe move him out of the backend streamer territory, anyway. He’s thrown for two TDs in three-straight games (and four-of-five contests). Minshew’s yardage has increased each of the last three games (from 204 to 213 to 374). You might want to call the 374 an outlier, but the 204 and 213 came against the Titans and Broncos, who both sit in the bottom third of the league in fantasy football points allowed. The Saints have allowed multiple touchdowns to every QB but Dak Prescott this season, so maybe Evan should look towards Dak, and not the Saints, as the problem.

Week Six QB Sleeper:
Kyle Allen at Tampa Bay (in London) (11% Owned)

Definitely make sure that Kyle Allen slots into your lineup on Saturday night if you live on the west coast. Allen makes his international debut when it’s still dark out in the Pacific Time Zone (6:30 AM). He’ll roll out there accounting for five touchdowns in his last three games. Granted, four of them came in his debut, but still…

This week, Allen gets a Tampa Bay defense that started off strong, giving up just one QB touchdown in weeks one and two, shortly before collapsing entirely. The Bucs allowed four passing touchdowns to Teddy Two Gloves last week, and have yielded ten quarterback TDs in the last three games. It’ll be a true neutral field in London, so we’ll see if Kyle Allen has yet another win, and a few more touchdowns, in him.

Week Six QB Sleeper:
Case Keenum at Miami (5% Owned)

What happens when an extremely stoppable force hits an extraordinarily moveable object? You get Miami versus Washington, with Washington on the heels of firing Jay Gruden after losing to the Patriots. As an aside… did you expect them to beat the Pats? Why call him in at five in the morning to fire him? Ridiculous. Anyway, Ian Rapaport reported today that Case Keenum “is expected” to be the quarterback Sunday. What do we do with QBs against Miami? We fire them up. They allow the most fantasy points to QBs this season. Case Keenum was no slouch in his three healthy games this year, either. He threw for 933 yards and seven touchdowns (three interceptions) in his three starts this year (not counting week four when he was injured). Plus, it’s Miami, what could go wrong?

(cue everything going wrong)

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