2019 NFC Championship and AFC Championship Predictions

You might say these 2019 NFC and AFC championship predictions are way too early. We say we’re just preparing for when the NFL expands to a 7-month season.

Mike Maxwell

NFC Championship Game Prediction

We are 115 days until the 100th season of the NFL so pardon us if we’re already thinking about the end game (see what I did there?!). I’ve already talked up the AFC & NFC title games to friends pre-draft but you’ll have to trust me. The Saints have become the lovable hosed losers of the NFL. Two years of heartbreak of such magnitude, they should probably be wearing Cubbie blue. Some critics think it’s over for New Orleans. I don’t think so. Drew Brees is destined to be in more Super Bowls than his over-hyped NFC counterpart, Aaron Rodgers. I see the Saints working through their division (junk) and getting into the top two seeds again.

The Seahawks were nearly being sent for a psych eval mid-way through last year but dare I say, the Seahawks are the most self-aware franchise in the NFC. They did the hard thing and didn’t overpay contracts that would make for a three years parade of mediocrity.  Also, there’s this guy, D.K. something. He’s going to take the NFC West by storm and run past the doubters.

NFC Championship Winner Prediction: Saints 37 – Seahawks  27


AFC Championship Game Prediction

Until it’s over it’s not over. So chalk up the Patriots into the AFC Title Game. My prediction is this: AFC East is and theirs and probably will be forever. Then they’ll need to get past a patched up K.C. team again and then get tested in the second to last game of the season, and no I don’t count the Pro-Bowl.

My other pick is the Colts. I couldn’t have been more wrong about Mr. Luck’s recovery. They did it right, drafted to the line last year and found a steal in the backfield. Add to it, the defense with intensity and a taste of success last year this team is poised to move past the shadows of Manning.

AFC Championship Winner Prediction: Colts 24 – Patriots 20


Jeff Krisko

NFC Championship Game Prediction

The New Orleans Saints will have their last ride of relevance this season, in a season-long campaign to piss and moan about the missed call in the NFC Championship Game. Fortunately for the Saints, their butthole-mouthed head coach is one of the best in the league, and their pro-waterboarding QB is also still one of the best around. The Rams, for their part, will do their best with their star running back having the knees of a 60-year-old. The Saints will spite-win their way all the way to the NFC Championship Game, where they get a different result from last year and make it to the Super Bowl

NFC Championship Winner Prediction: Saints 34 – Rams 28


AFC Championship Game Prediction

Congratulations to the NFL on their 100th anniversary, and congratulations to the Patriots Dynasty for being on their death bed for 101-straight seasons, somehow. The appropriate opponent to finally put them in their graves is Andrew Luck, who was in a grave of his own (well, his shoulder was, for a while). The Colts vs. the Patriots is a classic NFL rivalry, from Peyton vs. Manning. Appropriate that the Colts will finally put the first scoop of dirt on the coffin of the Patriots Dynasty. There will be no victory parade in Massachusetts. The open-mouthed kisses Tom Brady gives his son will be of sadness, not happiness. Patriots Delenda Est.

AFC Championship Winner Prediction: Colts 31 – Patriots 26


Waleed Ismail

NFC Championship Game Prediction

It is May and I’m writing predictions for next year’s Super Bowl when we are closer in the calendar year to the previous Super Bowl than the new one.  It is far enough away that the double doink seems like a distant memory.  I can feel the warmth and sunshine of summer around the corner. I can still feel hope.  Go Bears!

NFC Championship Winner Prediction: Bears 34 – Saints 21


AFC Championship Game Prediction

Apparently, every other FA writer is so beaten down by the dynasty of doom, they just assume the Patriots are going to the AFC Championship game. With Luck on our side, the Colts will secure a spot.  And when Los Angeles takes that second playoff spot, Tom Brady will be crying many Rivers. When you ask me for playoff picks in May, you just get dumb wordplay, because none of this matters.

AFC Championship Winner Prediction: Colts 37 Chargers 27


Will Button

NFC Championship Game Prediction

Over in the NFC, the Chicago Bears will come out of hibernation to bite the faces off of the Seattle Seahawks, who will squeak in to the playoffs and turn some heads.

NFC Championship Winner Prediction: Seahawks (Editor’s note- Will did not give a score prediction. Frankly I don’t blame him.)


AFC Championship Game Prediction

The New York Jets will be celebrating their first trip to the AFC Championship since 2010, defying all odds and overcoming an early season slump to take on the Kansas City Chiefs in a rousing offensive matchup maybe.

AFC Championship Winner Prediction: Chiefs


Evan Hoovler

NFC Championship Game Prediction

I take a pessimistic outlook on life, and that goes for my NFC and AFC championship predictions. Brees is old and his arm lacked power down the stretch last year. Rams lost a chunk of their team, and Todd Gurley lost his magic. Seahawks lost a key part of their offense and defense. Bears have let their kicker woes turn them  neurotic. Some rando QBis going to have a flash in the pan season, like Foles and Goff and Carr and such, and  Minnesota’s got the most weapons. Atlanta could see their 2016 offense reemerge behind a revamped offensive line and Calvin Ridley.

NFC Championship Winner Prediction: Vikings 31 – Falcons 24


AFC Championship Game Prediction

You know, I spend so much time hating on everything, I should really just let go of my anger and use that energy for something good. Fine, Andrew Luck is amazing and will take the Colts to the title game. Tom Brady is evil and will not do anything this year. Chiefs and Chargers are pretty much the only other proven teams, and Chiefs lost 1, maybe 2 big components of their amazing offense. That was exhausting, misanthropy is much more manageable.

AFC Championship Winner Prediction: Colts 28 – Chargers 22


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