Black Monday Recap 2018 — New Year, New You, Same Bad Teams

Black Monday Recap 2018

The NFL regular season is over and heads are already rolling. When NFL teams miss the playoffs, coaches get fired. Black Monday marks the end of many an illustrious coaching career. Teams are looking for the reason why they were bad and firing coaches is the easy answer. But why should we trust these teams to make the right decision when it comes to firing coaches? These are bad teams with bad front offices and even worse owners.  None of their choices can be trusted. So let’s look at why this Black Monday (or sometime during the 2018 season), all the wrong people were fired!

Arizona Cardinals Fire Steve Wilks

Top of this years list is at the top of last years list. Steve Wilks received one year to take a roster so bad, it made Bruce Ariens retire, and turn it into a playoff team. The Cardinals have the second-worst winning percentage in NFL history, so it is odd that they are suddenly in win-now mode. Maybe they’d have won more games if the people hiring the head coaches were looking for another job.

Cincinnati Bengals fire Marvin Lewis

One of the longest-tenured coaches, Marvin Lewis, was fired from the Cincinnati Bengals today. Obviously, you can’t win after sending 24 players to injured reserve, you just can’t win in this league. Who needs a starting quarterback, tight end, your top two receivers, and your starting linebackers? It seems like the Bengals would have had better luck firing their training staff.

Cleveland Browns Fire Hue Jackson

For the first time in forever, the Browns have a head coach with a winning record. Not Hue Jackson, the coach they started the season with, but Gregg Williams, known finisher in the NFL. Closing out the season with a 5-3 record, he is the first coach to have a winning record for the Browns since Romeo Crennel in 2007. So naturally, the Browns are looking for a new head coach. Why? Because Browns.

Denver Broncos Fire Vance Joseph

After firing Vance Joseph, the Denver Broncos are preparing to hire their fifth head coach in the last nine years. Over the last three years, they have gone 20-28. Vance Joseph has had to try winning football games with Case Keenum and Trevor Siemian. Yet somehow, the Broncos record is Joseph’s fault and not the GM who thought that he could build a winning team around these quarterbacks. Pat Bowlen is supposed to be the one with dementia, not John Elway.

Green Bay Packers Fire Mike McCarthy

New General Manager Brian Gutekunst cut Aaron Rodgers favorite receiver and signed Jimmy Graham to replace him. In 2018, Aaron Rodgers just had two interceptions…. and both bounced off of the hands of Jimmy Graham. This is the damage Gutekunst made just working on providing Aaron Rodgers with skill position players. Imagine what damage he’ll do finding Rodgers a play-caller.

Miami Dolphins Fire Adam Gase

Every time the Miami Dolphins are looking for a new head coach, they fall in love with a superstar candidate. Then said superstar candidate goes somewhere else and they have to settle for their option. Adam Gase is being blamed because he is not sexy enough for Stephen Ross. Don’t worry Dolphins fans, I’m sure your team will settle for their next coach.

New York Jets Fire Todd Bowles

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Fire Dirk Koetter

In 2009, Raheem Morris was promoted from within the organization to become the head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  And he was bad.  In 2016, Dirk Koetter was promoted from within the organization to become the head coach of Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Apparently, the Bucs haven’t figured out that they are the problem. Good luck with Todd Monken in 2019. I’m sure this time, it’ll work out for you.


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