Tyreek-or-Treat: The 2018 Halloween-Themed Fantasy Football Team Names List

2018 Halloween-Themed Fantasy Football Team Names

You know the drill: Find a player you own on this list of 2018 Halloween-Themed Fantasy Football Team Names and amaze your opponent into submission with your dazzling wordplay:

Player Name Team Name
Antonio Brown Phantomio Brown
Cam Newton Eye of Newton
Carson Wentz Curseon Wentz
Chandler Catanzaro Black Catanzaro
Chris Thompson Thompson of Chucky
Corey Davis Gorey Graveis
Dede Westbrook Dede Westspook
Dion Lewis Dion Boois
Drew Brees Boo Brees
Ezekiel Elliott Eshriekiel Elliot
Hayden Hurst Hayden Cursed Hayden Hearse
Isaiah Crowell Isaiah Crowhell
Jordan Howard Jordan Howlard
Josh Gordon Gordon of the Dead
Julian Edelman The Hand that Rocks the Credelman
Kenny Golladay Kenny Mauladay The Goll is coming from inside your house! It Gollows
Kyle Rudolph Kyle Boodolph
Lamar Miller Lamar Killer
Marlon Mack Marlon Mackula
Melvin Gordon Melvin Gorgon
Mitch Trubisky Stitch Trubisky
Nelson Agholor Nelson Aghoulor
Nyheim Hines Dr. Franken-hines Monster
Odell Beckham Ohell Heckham
Patrick Mahomes Patrick Mabones
Philip Rivers Philip Rivers of Blood
Rex Burkhead The Rexorcist
Saquon Barkeley Children of the ‘Quon
Stefon Diggs GraveDiggser
TJ Yeldon TJ Helldon
Todd Gurley Todd Ghouly
Tyler Boyd Stare into the Boyd
Tyreek Hill Tyreek or Treat

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