Start or Sit Quincy Enunwa in Fantasy Football Week Four?

Start or Sit Quincy Enunwa?

Through three weeks, fantasy football wide receivers are certainly going as we all expected. JuJu Smith-Schuster leads the Steelers in receiving yards. Michael Thomas has caught 38-of-40 passes, A.J. Green & Calvin Ridley already have more touchdowns than Julio Jones had all last season. Will Fuller is the WR3, Tyler Boyd is the WR16, and Amari Cooper & Corey Davis are WR59 & WR60. Just like we all thought would happen. So far, wide receiver has had a ton of turnover, with breakthroughs coming through, and big-name wide receivers slipping. With all the tumult happening in the wide receiver ranks, it’s likely you have to make a decision you never thought you would make; these decisions suddenly carry a ton of agitation. Here at Football Absurdity, we want to help you work through your difficult start/sit decisions in any given week. This week we tackle the age-old question: start or sit Quincy Enunwa as the New York Jets take on the Jacksonville Jaguars?

Quincy Enunwa has been an absolute target monster this season, garnering the twelfth-most targets to wide receivers. While he’s Sam Darnold’s favorite target, there are some worrying underlying numbers about his production that make me wary of what he’s done. When you watch Quincy Enunwa play, he doesn’t play nearly as fast as his 4.45 40-yard dash would indicate. He is strong after the catch, but not awfully shifty. He plays like a possession receiver in the Pierre Garcon role. Thus far this season, an insane amount of his yards came after the catch. His average depth of target is just 6.9 yards downfield, and a monstrous 73% of his yardage came after the catch so far this season. His NFL Next Gen stats support that, as an inordinate amount of passes come behind the line of scrimmage for Enunwa. I just don’t trust him to keep up what he’s been able to do—make something from nothing—against a stout defense.

The Jags make for an incredibly stout defense, and one I would shy away from. I outlined last week all the reasons why the Jags presented a bad matchup for Corey Davis, who is a much better wideout than Quincy Enunwa. They did more to further my suspicious, as the Jaguars held Titans wide receivers to 12 fantasy points. Combined. In full PPR. They combined for 44 yards. It was bleak as all get out. That’s a matchup I’m staying away from, even if Darnold is better than the Gabbert/Numb Mariota combo the Titans threw out there last week.

Quincy Enunwa is a quality wide receiver who is getting plenty of targets, but his usage is a bit concerning. This week he gets a stifling opponent in the Jacksonville Jaguars. He’s likely produced for your team so far this season, but if you’re wondering if you should start or sit Quincy Enunwa this week? Sit him. There’s too much looking bad for him to feel good about having him in your lineup.


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