Your Personality Type Is: Jacksonville Jaguars (The Shark Armada)

Not gonna lie: I don’t know what “armada” means, and Googling is for suckers

At an early age, Shark Armadas realize that being #2 gets you almost all the spoils with hardly any of the blame. Thus, their mission in life is to fly as close to the sun as possible… as long as someone else is flying closer. That way, if the sun gets angry at them for under-performing, they can point to the guy in front and say, “no, it’s this guy, he’s holding us back. Look at his flying mechanics, it takes him practically two seconds to flap his wings!”

Their devotion to putting other people in front of themselves (well, putting exactly one other person in front of them, specifically) makes them good in relationships. They just have to find a partner who wants someone who is never going to lead anything. So, yah, Shark Armada plus people looking to settle equals true love!

At their worst, this personality type can become afraid of success. Any promotion or leadership opportunity leads them to finding someone to put ahead of them. That’s a horrible way to climb the corporate ladder, even with their great skill at throwing someone else under the bus.

At their best they are an excellent second-in-command. The CFO, the second heir, the President’s wife, etc. At the same time, always having a scapegoat for their shenanigans can lead to some poor habits. Bad behaviors such as never showing any responsibility or initiative for pretty much everything, ever. But it’s not all bad, there are many things that redeem them. Such as fishing. They can fish well, for some weird reason.

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