Your Personality Type Is: Minnesota Vikings (The Wild Twins)

Uh, yeah, these are my kids. You should know that, because if this quiz is as accurate as I planned, you must be one of them

Devoted and passionate, this personality eschews popular trends for the familiar. Being near a Wild Twin is like being wrapped in a cozy old blanket knit by a loving grandparent before their dementia made everyone’s life a nonstop nightmare.

Every single member of this personality type has a twin. Yes, we tested your genetic makeup, but don’t worry: We forged your signature on all of the applicable forms. You may have gone through life thinking that you don’t have a twin, well that’s exactly the type of life-changing surprise Internet personality quizzes are known for. And what a surprise it is: You can now feel free to commit crimes, knowing you have a twin to take all the blame. Go ahead: Try it now, commit a crime. Just be sure to show the police this personality quiz as evidence and, while they’re there investigating the triple homicide or whatever crime you decide to do, have them take the test themselves. It’s fun!

The biggest enemy of a Wild Twin is change or uneasiness. Career paths include bar bouncer, where they are authorized to use maximum force to achieve maximum peace. This type tends to have a larger body than most others. Think Buddha, if Buddha occasionally got up from his meditations to use one of the skinnier monks as a weapon in a drunken brawl.

The glaring flaw that brings this type down to the dregs like all the others is an inability to correct errors. Change is bad, so they will keep making the same error, the same miscalculation, the same bad hiring decision for years. On a scale of adaptability, this type definitely sails wide right.

Not happy with your results? Take the quiz again. This time be either more or less honest.

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