Your Personality Type Is: New Orleans Saints (The Pelican Wave)

Like a tidal wave of birds, this personality type has a lot of strength, and an ocean of crap. For Pelican Waves, the key to life is to have something extremely traumatic happen at an early age, preferably enduring for years. This will set the bar super-low so any achievement will seem great.

However, the real issues come when things are just “okay” for too long. The lack of success can lead this personality type to actually miss the days of disaster, since it made even the simplest tasks applause-worthy. As such, you will often find Pelican Waves actually manufacturing disasters, like offering money for anyone who injures coworkers they don’t like.

This personality type can make the closest friends, as they understand a vast range of emotional states. However, sometimes their friendship trends towards the “fair weather” kind: Pelican Waves are addicted to trends like a moth to a flame beneath a spoon in an abandoned warehouse.

As such, this personality finds themselves alone during the worst and the best times. Paradoxically, this makes the medium times, when friends are actually around, the best times. Which would bump the best times down to medium status. Worst times are still the worst, there’s no romanticizing that.

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