Your Personality Type Is: Miami Dolphins (The Hot Marlin)

Hot Marlins are intensely observational, preferring to suss out a room for danger before entering. As such, they often are the most prepared, and often push success to new heights. Of course, they also like to rest on their laurels and get drunk every year to celebrate something they achieved 50 years ago, but hey, the price of success is a lifetime of mediocrity. That’s totally how it works and don’t question it.

Knowlege is the main currency for Hot Marlins. They are on an eternal quest to amass and process every detail remotely related to their current task. The “jackpot” happens when they come up with a new strategy, or a twist on an old way of doing things, that slices through obstacles and jettisons them all the way to the Promised Land. In this case, “The Promised Land” is defined as “some vague place where good stuff happens.”

If their key strength is innovation, their catch-22 worst quality is the inability to motivate others to try out their new innovation. Like the nerdy kid who can’t seem to get popular, Hot Marlins are utterly mystified when it comes to salesmanship. To them it’s “look at the data, and you will be convinced.” There’s not a lot of Hot Marlin tolerance for personalities who think emotionally and shoot from the hip.

This lack-of-understanding can spiral downward like an airplane with one wing (that’s what it does, look it up). Frustration with others’ lack of understanding (due to their own lack of alternate ways to explain things) can lead to isolation and narcissism. This feeds itself to careen towards the inevitable conclusion of them being all alone, screaming obscenities at online friends for not sticking to the right formation.

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