Your Personality Type Is: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (The Storm Lightning)

This isn’t the best image of “Storm Lightning” I could find, but it is the best image of “Storm Lightning in Tampa Bay” I could find

Storm Lightnings, like their eponymous bottled weather pattern, are known for their ability to get a great streak of fortune and achieve new heights, albeit temporarily. Even though your achievements since then have been above reproach, at best, everyone gives you a pass because of THAT ONE COOL THING.

Still, you always feel the presence of the lurking darkness as the sun sets on your glory days. Even those closest to you have had clandestine whispers about Faustian bargains. This has led to your entire life becoming a house of cards: If you make just one more stupid decision, it could bring everyone to the conclusion that your success was just a fluke. As such, you avoid conflict and decision making like a government employee.

This has also led you to be staunchly conservative, as change can only mean bad things for you. Then, you had to change all of your views to conservative, to keep up appearances. Now, you can’t tell where the persona you have cooked up ends, and the real you begins. So you saunter through life trying to stay as low-process as possible, using drugs and alcohol to numb any extreme feelings (this test also screened you for drugs and alcool, which you legally consented to by allowing cookies).

Fun Fact: Dealing with perceived (and totally real) inadequacy through shutting down and using substances is known as the “suffocating defense.”

Not happy with your results? Take the quiz again. This time either be more honest or less honest.

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