Personality Type: Dallas Cowboys (The Maverick Star)

Your life is a yin-yang: You can analyze the parts any way you want, but if you step back it will always resemble a giant zero. On the one side there’s a deep reverence for tradition. On the other side is a lust for thrills and excitement that can only be provided at a one-of-a-kind place like Sandy Lake Amusement Park. You have no problem jumping right in at a party: Observational skills are for losers.

You also have a push-pull dynamic with rules. You push them on to everyone else, then pull away when someone tries to apply them to you. This was a lot easier to get away with before social media put everyone’s transgressions immediately before the eyes of peers. Your friends have a Twitter account about how much you annoy them. Can’t share it with you though, it’s private. What do they know, anyway? Following all the rules is for losers.

You have no problem starting a fight or escalating a situation. This is because you are confident that there are enough people around you who support your cause, that you wont rush into a brawl alone. In fact, your favorite fighting strategy is to just drift back until your crew is doing all your fighting for you. Loyalty is for losers.

When you throw your support to a person or project, you make sure you back a winner. Why waste your life liking things that constantly disappoint you? Makes no sense. Losing is for losers.

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