NFL Football Quiz: December 2017

NFL Football Quiz

Weird Rules
(3 points each)

1. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to score 1 point in an NFL game (and not by a forfeit). How?
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2. In 2008, Leon Washington was fielding a kickoff for the New York Jets. However, before catching the ball, he did something extremely unusual, which netted him an extra 32 yards of field position when he took possession of the kick. What did he do?
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3. Winning an NFL overtime game by 9 points? It is possible. How?
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Franchise Trivia
(1 point each, unless otherwise stated)

4. Founded in 1898, the oldest NFL franchise still in operation is currently represented by which team?
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5. Some NFL franchises are named after workers, like the Steelers and the Packers. But what is the only NFL team represented by an inorganic object?
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6. Which current NFL franchise has moved the most times?
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7. In 2020, which current NFL franchise should tie the record for “moved the most times”?
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8. Every letter of the English alphabet appears in at least one NFL team name, except one letter. Which one?
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9. Name the three NFL teams that share the same initials (1 point each)
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Bonus Misc Question
(3 points)

10. Which Hall-of-Fame Quarterback’s full name becomes the name of a country if you change the first letter?
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0 points: 2008 Detroit Lions
1-3 points: Cleveland Browns, any of the past 10 years
4-7 points: 2016 Oakland Raiders
8-11 points: 2012-2015 Cincinnati Bengals
12-15 points: 2011 Green Bay Packers
16-19 points: 1985 Chicago Bears
20 points: 1972 Miami Dolphins


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