Fantasy Football: Week Fourteen Waiver Wire Quarterback

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Fantasy Football: Week Fourteen Waiver Wire Quarterbacks aka No Quarter Shall Be Given

It is week fourteen and we are either in do or die mode or your playoffs have started.  So welcome to the super, duper hyped playoff edition.  Normally, I just list players owned in 50% of leagues or less with a more thorough background.  This week, I am changing things up.  All your choices on the waiver wire are still bad.  But I’m increasing my minimum owned threshold to 75%.  That way, I can tease you with players that might almost be available in some leagues, but not your own.  Because God hates that you play fantasy football and touch yourself.  At this point, it is do or die.  So here are my week fourteen waiver wire quarterback rankings.  Just be aware that I also once believed Cade McNown was going to save the Bears from mediocrity.

  1. Aaron Rodger —  Owned in 75% of leagues  – If you don’t understand that Aaron Rodgers is coming back, that just tells me you are not a fan of the NFC North.  Those of us who root for the Vikings, Lions or Bears know that Aaron Rodgers is going to come back to embarrass the rest of the NFC North in new and exciting ways.  And you’ll want him on your fantasy roster when he does this.
  2. Case KeenumOwned in 65% of leagues – Case Keenum had a down week in week thirteen, but he still put up low-end QB1 numbers.  The time to scoff at Case Keenum has passed.  If you need quarterback help for a playoff run, Keenum is your number one healthy option.
  3. Andy Dalton Owned in 54% of leagues – In week fourteen, Andy Dalton gets to play the Chicago Bears.  In week thirteen, the Bears were defeated by a kicker.  Imagine what Andy Dalton could do to them.
  4. Jameis WinstonOwned in 49% of leagues – Do you know that feeling when you pull up in your Uber to pick up your fare and it turns out it is Jameis Winston?  That is the exact same feeling you will get putting Winston in your lineup.  However, the Lions are a favorable matchup.  Especially if they keep up with their track record of historic December collapses.  
  5. Josh McCown – Owned in 42% of leagues – Josh McCown is playing a Denver Broncos team that has given up on their season, so it is only fitting that you consider giving up and starting Josh McCown.  It might feel like giving up, but the fact is he has been pretty reliable at quarterback all year.
  6. Blake BortlesOwned in 34% of leagues – Bort.

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