Fantasy Football Counterpoint: Should You Start Amari Cooper over Sterling Shepard?

Start Amari Cooper

This week my co-worker, Jeff Krisko, suggested that starting Sterling Shepard is the smart fantasy football play.  In our week eleven wide receiver sit or start counterpoint, I’ll take some of that shine off of Sterling Shepard.  Because this week, you should start Amari Cooper.

I want to start by saying that I actually like Sterling Shepard as a wide receiver play this week.  There is a lot to like.  First off, he is going to be getting the lion’s share of targets.  My problem is that he has to rely on Eli Manning to give him the ball.  Let’s face it, the New York Giants have given up.  I just find it hard to trust this offense to not completely fold in on itself.

Having said that, if you decide to start Sterling Shepard against a Kansas City Chief’s team that has allowed the most fantasy points to wide receivers in standard scoring leagues, I can hardly blame you.  The matchup is as favorable as it gets.  But this week, I would rather start Amari Cooper.

At this point of the season, Amari Cooper owners probably hate him.  I get it, but I believe this bye week is the point of the football season where the Oakland Raiders finally get it right.  Jeff picked Derek Carr to be one of the best starting options of the week, and I agree.  And I think Amari Cooper is going to be the big beneficiary.

This season, the New England Patriots have given up the 5th most fantasy points to wide receivers in standard scoring leagues.  Really, the New England Patriots have been a gift to fantasy football players everywhere.  People score on them like much cooler kids than me did in college!

In week seven, I told you to start Amari Cooper.  And it was as crazy a suggestion than as it is now.  And I was right.  Does this mean I will be right again and Amari Cooper is going to have another 200 yard game?  Probably not.  But ignore me at your peril.  Start Amari Cooper!


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