Top 3 Biggest Fantasy Football Disappointments of Week 9

AFC South

Week 9 was by far the most disappointing week of fantasy this season. Worst of all, there were enough high scoring players that not a lot of people are sharing MY misery. I am all alone on an island of pain.

Week 9 disappointments
C’mon Leonard. People aren’t buying the 2017 Jaguars Team Photo for 5’6″ wide receiver Shane Wynn

1. Leonard Fournette

Nothing like checking the newswire 90 minutes before Week 9 kickoff and finding your best player has been benched for missing a team picture. 8:29 AM is way too early to start drinking, but 8:31, after the inactives list comes out, is just fine.

Kamara week 9
He wears 41 as a tribute to Adrian Peterson’s age

2. Fantasy Team Polarity

While some people were seeing players injured, benched, and ejected, others were enjoying fantasy bonanzas from the likes of TY Hilton, Jared Goff, and Alvin Kamara. Lots of fantasy scores are like 125-50, this week. Even my fantasy football predicting robot did a bad job and ended up trying to take out all of humanity, before I unplugged it .

Gatorade towels: Because nothing makes you thirstier than seeing liquids get absorbed

3. Quarterbacks Got Real Slim Real Fast

It’s really starting to get thin in deeper leagues, after yet another QB1 going on IR this week. In 12 team leagues the FA pool is pretty much unreliable backups at this point. Makes rostering a backup QB seem less of a bad idea.


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