Josh Whyle 2023 Draft Prospect Fantasy Football Breakdown

Josh Whyle, Cincinnati (6’6”, 250)

What I Saw: 

I will, under no circumstances, watch the 2022 Cincinnati Bearcats offense. Nope. 


Josh Whyle hit the buffet and he hit the weights from 21 to 22, he’s a big boi now. That transition to a thick boy let him develop his power to become a better inline blocker in over a year. There were some guys that outmuscled him but he was a powerhouse in line. Secondary blocks are a little suspect as he tends to get caught off balance or comes at the defender too fast and loses balance quickly. Speaking of quick, that man has a burst. With his utilization within the slot, he had a quick acceleration where I thought he was Alec Pierce at times. Very good body control and use of his frame that includes orangutan arms where he can extend and grab the ball from defenders. Whyle might not have the best route tree but he does have the head fake and sell abilities to attempt to throw defenders off. Production numbers in 22 don’t really reflect how open he was on routes, but that was more due to a downgrade at QB who was primarily a one-read throw guy. I liked what I saw, but I wouldn’t put too much into draft capital so use a 4th. 

Player Comparison:

Someone Ryan is going to make me use on Fanduel one time next year

Grade: Undrafted

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