Tucker Kraft 2023 Draft Prospect Fantasy Football Breakdown

Tucker Kraft, South Dakota State (6’5”, 255) 

What Scouts Say:

Size/strength, receiving upside. Athletic and versatile. Hands and level of competition are concerns. 

What We Saw: 

Tucker Kraft is an athlete that happens to have the frame to be a tight end. He boxes out defenders like a basketball player, has decent play speed, and can help a Tackle with the chip and run block. Now, the question becomes, was he a booming prospect because he was playing against the inadequate competition, or does he really have the potential to be a skilled contributor at the next level? I’m not ready to stake my claim on either at this point, but he’s certainly worth a look for NFL teams that are looking for a developmental TE2 with serious receiving upside. 


A MF JET SWEEP WITH A TE AND WILDCAT?!? The inline TE threat any team would be dreaming of later in the draft. Primarily a good blocker, which will leave him on the field more often than not, but has the ability to have explosive plays. Decent routes with hands that could corral balls that were outside of his frame. Kraft played at a smaller school with lesser competition but whenever he was out there he was abusing the opposition at most opportunities, which is promising. He has the same frame as LaPorta but played much larger in my eyes. We’ll see where the combine and draft put him as after Mayer, DC is going to be the make or break on the tiers of TE here. It’s basically redraft again with Elite or blob but let’s bet on the DC. 

Player Comparison:

Robert Tonyan 

Grade: 3rd Round/4th Round Dynasty Pick

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