Mohamed Ibrahim 2023 Draft Prospect Fantasy Football Breakdown

Mohamed Ibrahim, Minnesota (5’10”, 210)

What Scouts Say:

Lots of college production, but high tread on his tires. 5th year Senior, but multiple 1k seasons and a ton of carries. Good blocker and blitz pickup guy. Shifty and doesn’t waste motion. Good in space, decent burst, hits the hole, plants the foot, and shows good straight line speed. Not a great receiver, sometimes gets too jumpy in the backfield before finding the hole. Injury history.

What We Saw: 

Mo Ibrahim is a guy a team can fall in love with as a cheap committee option. He’s got the spin move, good contact balance, and runs with momentum. He can pick up the blitz, and is willing to wait for the hole to develop, sometimes too long. While he isn’t a home run hitter, he can be the thunder in a backfield that primarily features a back that isn’t as effective between the tackles. 


He’s actually 5’8” but he does play bigger than his frame. Runs angry and has the dawg in him, I just didn’t see anything that leapt out to me outside of “plodder”. Tore his Achilles which is a big red flag to most of the fantasy community and we’ll see where it impacts his draft stock. I’m okay with passing on Ibrahim.

Player Comparison:

Khalil Herbert/Matt Brieda 

Grade: 3rd round Dynasty pick

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