DeWayne McBride 2023 Draft Prospect Fantasy Football Breakdown

Dwayne McBride, UAB (5’11”, 215) 

What Scouts Say:

Insane production at college, with a 36% missed tackle rate, best for PFF behind Bijan and Javonte. Offers nothing as a pass catcher. Elusive, and springy, he averaged over 7 yards per carry IN HIS CAREER. He’s quicker than someone who possesses long speed and will get tackled from behind in the open field. Played against lower-level competition.  

What We Saw:

Dwayne McBride is a classic case of excellent production against bad competition, and when he played Power 5 schools, he struggled to replicate that same dominance. His game is based on breaking tackles and making defenders miss, and the discrepancy between his production against teams like South Tennessee State and then vs LSU is something that should concern scouts. He also has fumble issues, but when he is on, he is ON and almost impossible to tackle. He has an ideal frame and good athleticism, but he’s much more of a project than his college production would lead you to believe. 


He is very patient at the line, but still decisive when it comes to punching it in. Vision is good but not great. Tends to use a jump cut as his one move but his agility and burst causes him to gear down and it takes him a little bit of time to hit his second gear. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have long speed as he got run down a lot. He is elusive and has good contact balance so he does tend to fight for the extra yard when he gets the opportunity, he doesn’t fall forward consistently. 2 fumbles in the Kentucky game I watched which is alarming. Not a lot of pass protection or catches shown on film so if you’re in HPPR he’ll be a better asset.

Player Comparison:

D’Onta Foreman/Low-end Nick Chubb

Grade: Late 3rd round Dynasty pick

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