Tanner McKee 2023 Draft Prospect Fantasy Football Breakdown

Tanner McKee, Stanford (6’6”, 230) 

What Scouts Say:

Optimal size, ran a pro style offense. Lack of mobility will hamper him at the next level. Not ideal processing, and will stay in the pocket too long. 

What We Saw: 

We have a million of these guys at home. He’s tall and skinny with decent accuracy, but his upside at the next level will be limited since he can’t really elevate those around him. 


Big Boi with a mid arm. 6’6” 220 seems a lot bigger on paper compared to the genetics freaks that are in collegiate level sports. Prototypical size but feels like he needs 30 more lbs to be up to proportionate size compared to the people around him, felt like I was watching Slenderman in ‘21. For as much of a tree that he is, he is nimble for his size to escape contact, but he still feels like he’s figuring out how big his body is as he does have some awkwardness to his movements and agility. Still has great foot work in the pocket, which is great to see. Not very fast in long speed but does have a quick burst to help escape contact which was shown in The Washington games because that defense was murdering him on almost every play. Composure was probably the biggest standout to me outside of his height. Even though he was only asked to assess half the field most of the time, he was able to remain composed during pressure and take the easy throw when given limited options. Decision making is very slow, felt like I was watching through molasses when watching his RPOs, which will spell disaster in the NFL. Seems like a player who you can’t ask to do too much otherwise you’ll be disappointed with the results. Accuracy and touch were spotty at best, with extremely limited deep ball exposure(not sure if that was coaching or talent to throw to, but wasn’t optimistic). Scouts have him a lot higher than I do, and I’m hoping I’m wrong. 

Player Comparison:

Jared Goff at his worst/2021 Jared Goff without the DAWG

Grade: Taxi Squad QB

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