Clayton Tune Draft Prospect Fantasy Football Breakdown

Clayton Tune, Houston (6’3”, 220) 

What Scouts Say:

Can create, has good arm strength. Good pocket feel and throws on the seams. Not an optimal processor with mediocre field vision. Poor follow through at times takes the velocity off the ball.

What We Saw:

Developmental player for sure, almost a lock to be a late round pick for a team that already has an established starter. Raw, but has upside for sure. Has accuracy issues and will make risky throws that get picked off, because he didn’t properly read the linebackers. He has great touch on his throws, but he stares down his primary read for far too long and will not be given the time to make all his throws against NFL defenses. He’s athletic but not a game breaker. Holds the ball for too long, takes too long to move to secondary reads. I don’t think he’s ever going to be a starter, but a strong system and time to develop means he can be a league average backup. 


I feel like I watched 3 different versions of Tune, which in theory seems like a great thing as there was development over the years and it looks like he exited middle school and was a man in stature in the span of a year, which was a big shock to see as I thought I had the tape wrong. He has a fast release but a very wavering throwing mechanic that is very dependent on where he’s at in the pocket. Tends to bail from the pocket relatively soon as soon as he feels pressure and isn’t afraid to use his legs, which is promising for fantasy purposes. Tends to throw off his back foot consistently and into bad coverages when he’s not able to be mobile. He’s got a nice 3 yard burst with good lateral speed, he just tops out at max speed too fast. Very accurate within 20 yards, but after that it’s a real coin toss that is more than likely to land on the side of the coin you didn’t call. Dell Jr carried a lot of the work as his number one option. He did improve as the seasons progressed but nothing stood out to me as a QB that would be drafted in the actual NFL. Pick him up in week 9 when the back up of your QB2 goes down in a game where you’re on the bubble for playoff contention.

Player Comparison:

Jeff Driskel/2022 Marcus Mariota who keeps trying to throw deep 

Grade: Undrafted

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