Bijan Robinson 2023 Draft Prospect Fantasy Football Breakdown

Bijan Robinson, Texas (6’0”, 215)

What Scouts Say:

Instinctive runner, exceptional elusiveness, decisive and fast. A homerun hitter with power and speed can take any carry the distance. Excellent vision, yards after contact monster. Scouts were torn on his functional speed before the combine.

What We Saw:

He’s that dude. I watched his tape and was literally thinking “is Bijan underrated?” I certainly haven’t seen a back with all the tools he has, and even if I did, I’m not sure they would be as proficient with all of them as Bijan is. He can make defenders miss with strength, speed, angles, and jukes. He’s a solid pass blocker and a damn fine route runner. He’s a home run hitter that takes games over on his own. He’s patient and waits for blocks to develop, and he hits his burst immediately. He never loses speed when cutting or changing angles, something incredibly rare. Don’t let the talk of his finesse distract you from his power-back ability, he can drag dudes too. Every NFL team should be looking at Bijan this year, and every fantasy team should be too. If you think taking a rookie RB in the first round of redraft leagues isn’t wise, can I join that league?


This exercise honestly felt like a formality as I’m sure you’ve read 1000 things for the last 2 years on Bijan. They’re all right, but I had to do this exercise for myself to get better. He’s everything everyone has said he is, no fluff, no clickbait. It was honestly boring at times at how good he looked. He made pro-caliber defenders look like they were playing junior varsity defense, it was embarrassing at times. Bijan just feels inevitable at times, he’ll make something out of nothing. He’s the hero that appears out of the dust unscathed. Excellent vision met with elite footwork can get him out of any hole possible. Vast acceleration to his second gear to create breakaway distance on top of DAWG to fight for every inch. Granted he doesn’t have elite speed like Gibbs but it doesn’t matter, he creates enough separation and has the build you want to receive contact with and keep powering through. A true three-down back who will be able to take the workload and abuse a pro system will ask of him in the 1st round. There’s a good chance that an entire offense is built around him, as seen by The Titans. His pass blocking can be refined, but that’s a minor criticism that can be fixed in camp. Good pass-catching ability and route running to diversify your points depending on the league type you play in. Take him at 1.01 or wave goodbye and look at him fondly when he wins your league mate weeks as you look at the 3 players he netted you. The choice is up to you, but the hype is the truth.

Player Comparison:

Adrian Peterson/Christian McCaffrey

Grade: 1.01

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