Dorian Thompson-Robinson 2023 Draft Prospect Fantasy Football Breakdown

Dorian Thompson-Robinson, UCLA (6’1”, 205)  

What Scouts Say:

5 season starter at UCLA. Strong in the short and intermediate areas, good at throwing off-balance. Escapability in the pocket is strong and can extend plays with his athleticism. Good with his reads. Risky decision maker, not super precise, and can be inconsistent in his throws. Needs mechanical adjustments to drive the ball more consistently. Failed to show significant growth over his college career. 

What We Saw: 
Potential career backup with limited upside. Another aging prospect that still needs development at the next level. He’s got juice and shows some good timing and accuracy. He has athleticism, but not elite athleticism. He is inconsistent, makes risky throws, and threw a few hospital balls. A lot of his production came from wide open receivers, which isn’t a critique, but he threw some dangerous balls in windows that were way too small. He’s a dart throw, taxi squad type of guy but don’t be surprised if he makes a team’s 53 man roster this fall. You could do much worse with a 4th round dynasty pick.


DTR has been playing at UCLA since 2018 and he’s seen improvements in his ADOT and running ability since then, exploiting his natural athleticism. I watched a progression of a player, but ultimately he’s capped at his ceiling of being good, but not great. He does have that DAWG in him, he was blocking like his life depended on it for Charbonnet and he is relatively fast when he reaches maximum speed on a run. Very safe runner who will give himself  up or head out of bounds to live to fight another day. Good accuracy in the intermittent with good zip, where the deep ball was suspect. Did have some decision making issues where he does force into double/triple coverage, not sure if it was trying to play hero ball or he just didn’t see the def scheme. Don’t see him as more than a very late depth pick up or UDFA, someone might take a gamble on him as he has legs to be a great back up.

Player Comparison:

PJ Walker/Your favorite mobile QB but at like 65%

Grade: 3rd Round Taxi Squad QB 

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