Jaren Hall 2023 Draft Prospect Fantasy Football Breakdown

Jaren Hall, BYU (6’0”, 185) 

What Scouts Say:

Older prospect (25), leader. Mobility and speed are his strengths. Always looking to make the big play. Creative, but has an injury history and will take big hits trying to make something happen that isn’t there. Baseball player, throws with velocity. Needs help with mechanics, his poor footwork and throwing motions lead to inconsistencies. Locks onto players and sometimes throws to spots, not guys. 

What We Saw: 

Anyone lining up to take a chance on developing a 25 year old QB with an injury history and a small body frame? No? Someone will see practice squad QB in Jaren Hall, and that’s about where he should be. He’s a beloved team leader and will be a plus asset in the locker room, supposedly. However, he lacks the accuracy, consistency, processing, footwork, and deep ball to be anything more than a very very deep piece. He could very easily come in and start for a team if everything has fallen to shit, and I can see him being a spark plug that puts together a win or two. However, he most likely won’t get that chance and probably shouldn’t. He’s going to rip shit up in the CFL, though. 


I liked what I saw collectively based if he was a create a character, but I just don’t believe in him based on size. He’s got the dawg in him, but I don’t believe he will be able to stay healthy given how he runs directly into contact. Has nice touch on the ball with good accuracy within 20 yards, but deep ball could be better. You can see the athleticism of a 2 sport athlete, but nothing stands out as elite to me. He can be a good project qb in the later rounds for a team, but his age, frame and playstyle is hyper specific where I don’t think he gets good DC. Feels like playing Madden watching him, he loves to pass on the run and its fun as hell to watch. Progressions got better as the season progressed. 

Player Comparison:

Mike McMahon/Kyler Murray on the JV Squad 

Grade: Undrafted 

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