Week 13 Fantasy Football Streaming Defenses: Scoreless In Seattle!

If you read my article on playing the waiver wire game, you know that it is an essential part of winning your fantasy football league.  If you haven’t read it, what are you waiting for?  I just told you it’s an essential part of winning your fantasy football league!  Why do you hate winning? One of the best ways to maximize your weekly scoring is to stream defenses.  This strategy is simple: stop being concerned with finding good defenses, and find defenses that are playing against terrible offenses.  Bad offenses are more likely to keep playing poorly because if they knew how to be good, they would already be good.  Following this flawless logic, let’s find out who we should stream this week!

Seattle Defense (34% rostered) @ Los Angeles Rams

The Lions once again have a top-three pick in the NFL draft. What is different this time around is that they will be using the pick they acquired from the Los Angeles Rams. I don’t think there has ever been a Super Bowl champion that has collapsed as spectacularly as the Rams have this season. If there is a player on their offense who could help turn this disaster around, they are on injured reserve. The Rams give up the most fantasy points to opposing defenses. They are third in the NFL in sacks, fourth in the NFL in turnovers, and score the fourth-fewest points per game. Seattle isn’t particularly good on defense, but that doesn’t really matter when the Rams’ offense is this bad.

Cleveland Browns Defense (31% rostered) @ Houston Texans

I am just going to keep this one simple. Over the last six weeks, teams that have played the Houston Texans have finished as a top-ten fantasy defense. Over the last two weeks, the Texans’ opponents have finished as the top fantasy defense for the week. The Texans give up the third-most fantasy points to opposing defenses. If the Rams did not exist, this would be the number-one fantasy stream for the week.

Green Bay Packers Defense (42% rostered) @ Chicago Bears

If Fields doesn’t play, then the Packers’ defense will be facing a Bears roster that is missing three of its best offensive weapons. Last week, without Fields, the Bears have 292 yards of total offense and 10 points. On the season, the Bears give up the fifth-most fantasy points to opposing defenses. Even if Fields is healthy, the Packers are a solid play just based on the fact that even when the Bears score lots of points, they still give up a ton of sacks and turnovers. This should not be a surprise considering they have the second-most sacks in football and have fifteen turnovers in twelve games.


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