2022 Week 7 Cut Candidates: Broncos Country, Let’s Hide

Russell Wilson Seattle Seahawks

Six weeks of NFL action are in the books, and that means that we’ve lost some patience with certain aspects of our fantasy football rosters. Whether it’s your starting quarterback who continues to disappoint (Matthew Stafford), an injury to a budding stud (Marquise Brown), or a change to the passing game that seems to be broken (Elijah Moore), there are plenty of players who are struggling to live up to expectations. It’s time to shuffle some of these players off of your roster for the new hotness, the new player who will struggle to live up to expectations. While Waleed Ismail has you covered for who to add to your roster, I’m here to talk about who may need to make their way off of your squad.

Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay (95% rostered)

Six weeks are in the book, and Aaron Rodgers has one top-twelve week to his name, back in week three against the Buccaneers. It was also one of two times he’s topped 250 passing yards this season. That isn’t to say that Aaron Rodgers has had a bad season, but he hasn’t had a season that’s worthy of rostering in a ten-team league. He has three games out of the top fifteen so far this season, and zero games inside the top ten. You can go ahead and move on from him in shallow leagues, but you want to keep him on your roster in twelve-team leagues and deeper.

Russell Wilson (84% rostered)

Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos play the most unwatchable form of football that’s ever had the ignominy of being on an island game six times this season. That means that if you want to watch football, it’s either Russell Wilson remembering that he’s well into his 30s mid-pass rush and then chucking it into the dirt while frantically pointing at Eric Saubert to tell you that it isn’t intentional grounding. Wilson finished MNF with 15 completions on 28 pass attempts, with 188 passing yards and a score to his name. That marked the fourth time in the last five games that Wilson failed to top 14 fantasy points… and it’s also in the top half of his performances for the year. Just cut Russell Wilson, for your sanity, and so you don’t have to watch him flail around on your TV with emotions on the line.

Matthew Stafford, L.A. Rams (82% rostered)

Stafford had 253 passing yards, a touchdown, and a pick in week six, and finished with 11.82 fantasy points. This marked the fifth time in six games that Stafford failed to cross the 12-point threshold, with his only startable week coming back in week two against Atlanta. The offensive line is a mess, the team had a running back complain his way off the roster, and he has a bye week next week. This isn’t the situation you hang onto a quarterback through, doubly so when you realize that after the bye, he gets the 49ers and the Buccaneers. That means that you won’t feel good about starting him until November 13, at the earliest. Go ahead and move on from Stafford, and don’t look back.

Wide Receivers:
D.J. Moore, Carolina (90% rostered)

Things have quickly fallen apart in Carolina. Baker Mayfield’s ankle integrity tied with Matt Rhule’s continued employment were apparently the only things holding this team together. P.J. Walker made the start, but didn’t make it through the game, and Jacob Eason came in. In the end, the quarterback situation wasn’t even the biggest to-do in this game, as Moore’s running mate, Robbie Anderson, was kicked out of the game after fighting with the wide receivers coach. Lost in all of this was D.J. Moore getting seven useless targets for three catches and 7 yards. Moore belongs on rosters in deeper PPR leagues, but he’s yet to cross 60 yards on the season and is unlikely to do that anytime soon, which means that in a shallower league, you can move on from D.J. Moore.

Garrett Wilson/Elijah Moore, N.Y. Jets (65%/60% rostered)

The Jets’ offense is now a two-part attack: Breece Hall running the football, and Breece Hall catching the football. You can go ahead and move on from these two (otherwise) great players because the Jets’ offense just isn’t built to justify using either of them. Elijah Moore is under 3 catches for 30 yards per game with Zach Wilson, and Garrett Wilson hasn’t had a fantasy day over 6.1 PPR points since Zach Wilson took over. Things are unlikely to change much anytime soon, as the Jets get the Broncos, Patriots, and Bills before their week ten bye. You can drop these grenades onto the waiver wire knowing that someone will scoop them up for a hot 6 PPR points.

Running Backs:
Chase Edmonds, Miami (72% rostered)

Chase Edmonds has fallen completely out of favor for the Dolphins, with Raheem Mostert running more routes than him today. Edmonds isn’t someone you go out of your way to remove from your roster, but given that he has three double-digit days already this season, but he has just 5.2 PPR points over the last two weeks. You can move on from him if you’re looking to ditch someone in a shallower league.

Cam Akers, L.A. Rams (69% rostered)

Cam Akers has likely played his last snap for the Rams, and the offensive line wasn’t the problem. He’s not going to step into a starting role. You can move on from Akers.

Tight Ends:


There are no recommended drops at the tight end position this week! Our streamers did well and our great players haven’t done poorly enough!

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