Fantasy Football 2022 One-Sentence Summaries: Rounds 13 through 15

Do you need a quick rundown on every player drafted in your fantasy football leagues? Look no further than our round-by-round one-sentence summaries for a fantasy football crash course! Below you’ll find one-sentence blurbs for every player taken in the last three rounds of fifteen-round fantasy football drafts. The average draft position comes thanks to aggregation from

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Round 13 One-Sentence Summaries
ADP Player Team Position ADP One-Sentence Summary
145 Raheem Mostert MIA RB-48 13.01 Mostert is the best runner on the Miami Dolphins, but his season ended two rushes into 2021 (for 20 yards), so health is a major concern with him.
146 Van Jefferson LAR WR-60 13.02 The third-most targeted receiver on the Rams over the last three seasons averages about 5 targets per game, and that number could go down with Allen Robinson in town; I’m hands-off.
147 David Njoku CLE TE-18 13.03 The Browns ranked third in tight end target rate each of the last two years, but split the targets three ways; losing Austin Hooper could mean full steam ahead for David Njoku.
148 Julio Jones TB WR-61 13.04 Julio Jones is a perfectly cromulent double-digit round dart throw with the Bucs, but Chris Godwin returning to camp makes taking Jones anything earlier than the 12th a fool’s errand.
149 Jameis Winston NO QB-22 13.05 Jameis was QB8 the last time he played a full season, and has the best compliment of weapons that New Orleans has seen since Jimmy Graham was on the roster.
150 Jameson Williams DET WR-62 13.06 It’s looking increasingly likely that Williams starts the season on the PUP, meaning you can make better use of your roster spots in the first four weeks of the season than seeing if Jared Goff can connect with a deep threat.
151 Rondale Moore ARI WR-63 13.07 Pym Particles had an aDOT of 50 inches last year, which limits his overall upside; but he’s a dart throw and there aren’t any bad draft picks this late.
152 Tyler Higbee LAR TE-19 13.08 Okay, I lied; Higbee has as many hate crimes as games over 70 games if you exclude December 2019 from his ledger; no thanks!
153 Rachaad White TB RB-49 13.09 White is getting some buzz in camp thanks to him being good at everything, but he doesn’t do anything better than Leonard Fournette so he’s not pushing to be the team’s RB1.
154 J.D. McKissic WAS RB-50 13.10 An injury cut McKissic’s 2021 season short, but Washington went out of their way to snatch him from Buffalo to make sure they could retain his services
155 D.J. Chark DET WR-64 13.11 Chark was a standout at Lions’ public practice, but might be the real-life fourth target on the squad thanks to Jared Goff’s inability to go deep; he’s a high-variance dart throw.
156 Evan Engram JAX TE-20 13.12 Tell me if you’ve heard this before: drops are a problem for Evan Engram during training camp and it’s destroying his role.
Round 14 One-Sentence Summaries
ADP Player Team Position ADP One-Sentence Summary
157 Gerald Everett LAC TE-21 14.01 Gerald Everett replaced Jared Cook, who had near-identical catches and yardage totals than Everett last year, but Cook had twice as many air yards and 20 more targets.
158 Ryan Tannehill TEN QB-23 14.02 He’s tied for second among active quarterbacks in rushing touchdowns over the last two seasons, and is a 2QB steal this late as he was a “disaster” and finished as QB12.
159 Tyler Allgeier ATL RB-51 14.03 Allgeier is the only running back on the Atlanta Falcons likely to get significant touches who will be under 30 headed into the season, it’s only a matter of time before he takes over.
160 Jahan Dotson WAS WR-65 14.04 Dotson to the Commanders in the first round was one of the weirdest picks of the draft, and I’m completely punting on having an opinion on it until I see what exactly they’re up to.
161 Kenneth Gainwell PHI RB-52 14.05 Gainwell is likely hemmed in on all sides by improvements to the Eagles’ offense, and Miles Sanders getting more touchdowns; he’s still worth a shot at his upside, however.
162 Zach Wilson NYJ QB-24 14.06 Zach Wilson has a long way to go before I trust him in a 1QB league, and if you take him in a normal-sized league, you must be his mom’s best friend.
163 Mark Ingram NO RB-53 14.07 Ingram is a pure handcuff for Alvin Kamara’s legal troubles, which are looking more and more like they’ll come to fruition in 2023.
164 Jamaal Williams DET RB-54 14.08 Jamaal Williams is a great #2 running back in real-life football, but he’s a pure (low upside) handcuff for fantasy football purposes.
165 George Pickens PIT WR-66 14.09 People are saying George Pickens might be the most talented wide receiver on the Steelers, but those people are being very stupid and hyperbolic; he was suspended for punching a guy in college, and coaches came just short of calling his Combine interviews a waste of time.
166 Robert Tonyan GB TE-22 14.10 Big Bob Tonyan was as hyperefficient as they game in 2020, but five of his eight games prior to tearing his ACL saw him post ten or fewer yards in 2021.
167 Austin Hooper TEN TE-23 14.11 Hooper is likely to get the bulk of the Tennessee tight end targets, meaning he should end around 15th in targets with around 83 of them; this will give him streamable weeks throughout the year.
Round 15 One-Sentence Summaries
ADP Player Team Position ADP One-Sentence Summary
170 Carson Wentz WAS QB-26 15.02 I don’t understand it, either; just don’t do it, even in a 2QB league.
171 Hayden Hurst CIN TE-24 15.03 Hurst is getting publicity as filling the C.J. Uzomah role in Cincinnati, AKA the #5 passing option on most plays… no thanks.
172 Baker Mayfield CAR QB-27 15.04 Baker Mayfield is a highly underrated 2QB quarterback, as he finishes as a top-24 QB 75% of the time.
173 Jared Goff DET QB-28 15.05 Jared Goff is a seventeen-game starter and finished the first five weeks of 2021 as the QB8, so things could be worse in a 2QB league.
174 Gus Edwards BAL RB-55 15.06 Gus Edwards is a stud but isn’t looking to be ready for week one, so you can go ahead and ignore him unless you have deep enough benches to stash him.
175 Cameron Brate TB TE-25 15.07 Cameron Brate is a wasted draft pick, and is only here because people got too far over their skis after Rob Gronkowski officially retired; don’t do it.
177 Logan Thomas WAS TE-26 15.09 Thomas was a volume-based sure thing in 2020, and when healthy in 2021, but health and a deepening set of weapons around him will limit his 2022 upside.
178 Alec Pierce IND WR-67 15.10 The Colts aren’t babying the rookie wide receiver, putting Stephon Gilmore on him on every rep at training camp; he’s my favorite late-round rookie wide receiver.
179 Odell Beckham WR-68 15.11 If you’re going to take an injured fantasy stud wide receiver who isn’t currently on a roster, then take Will Fuller, instead.
180 Darrel Williams ARI RB-56 15.12 The scuttlebutt out of Arizona is that Eno Benjamin is looking to fill the Chase Edmonds role, but I don’t buy that hooey, Darrel is the perfect last-round pick to take if you don’t have to take a kicker.
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