Video Game Fantasy Football Team Names

[This list written by: Ken Bakken, Nick Carter, Bruce Hardstone, Evan Hoovler, Karl Leslie, Joseph LeszkowiczJason Lu,  and Amanda Rez]

Video games give the player the illusion of control. This is in stark contrast to fantasy football, which shows the player that absolutely nothing is in their control. However, the one aspect of fantasy football you can always take charge of is using our enormous archives to make sure you always have an awesome fantasy football team name. Hence our best-in-the-business writing room came up with this list of 20 video game fantasy football team names. Kill ’em with creativity!

Video Game Fantasy Football Team Names

The Elder Foles: Ob-Le’Veon
Tom Brad-er
Cooper Carrio Gurld
Moss Eifect
Gordon Ty 007

Gronkey Kong Hunt-Tee
Tee Fournettress 2
Hooper Lamario Bros.
DeShaunic the HedgeHogan
Mahomance of the Tee Ingrams

Need for Snead
Amari-o Baker
Lockett Teegue
Kyler Ginn-stinct
Godwin of Ward

Tylers from the Crowderlands
Graham Theft Prescotto
Moore-tal Kom-Dak
Burfict Chark
Kyle of Jeudy

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