Presidential Election Fantasy Football Team Names

[Written by Ken Biddek, Nick Carter, Evan Hoovler, Joseph Leszkowicz, Karl Leslie, Jason Lu, Amanda Rez, and Bryan Sclar]

This list of presidential election fantasy football team names makes me think back to 2016. Here’s a fun Football Absurdity memory from that November: We didn’t exist. Good times!

We know that you want your fantasy football team names RIPPED from the headlines. The next 5 weeks will be dominated by news about the U.S. presidential election. So this list of presidential election fantasy football team names was willed into existence by our group of writers. A group that, frankly, I think are geniuses (but are led by a madman).

Be sure to check our fantasy football team names page the afternoon after each presidential debate. Each week we will come with fresh team names using the most popular debate quotes.

2020 Presidential Election Fantasy Football Team Names

Kamara Parris
Gallup Foles
Darnold Trump’s Amari-ca
Tua CarrTee System
Pollard-tically Carr-ect

Preston-dential Deeb-ate
Ezekeutive, Jeudycial, and LegiSlayton Branches
Procises made, Promises Kmet
Scott in a Slye
Deebo-crats vs. Republi-cams

Mail-Ginn BalLutz
Stefan BalLutz Tua Ruggs the Zekelection
Pringle-Minshew voter
I Lamb Wentz Again As-Ginn for you Tua Kupport Me
Gronkey vs. EleFant

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