Fantasy Football Auction Strategy from a Vet: Drafts On Tap 3

Welcome to Drafts On Tap, where I record me running through my fantasy football auction strategy with ample commentary. We now have a permanent co-host! Every week, Football Absurdity co-owner Waleed Ismail will join me for screaming, poking fun, and SPREADSHEETS! We even have three of our favorite Discord contributors as a special guest auctioners.


  • I didn’t end up with as solid backend wide receivers. This is because none of the usual crowd fell for a steep discount. I will continue to amass data points to see if this component of BBQ strategy isn’t viable for larger leagues.

Best of luck, hope this helps you get more of the exciting nuances to fantasy football auction draft strategy. Tune in every Friday at 6 PM PST at where we’ll be doing another live auction.

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