2020 D.J. Moore Fantasy Football Player Profile

DJ Moore Carolina Panthers

As we gear up to the start of the NFL season, Football Absurdity is going to bring you a comprehensive breakdown of every notable player that will be available in fantasy football drafts. We only look at the past three seasons for a player. This is because anyone who is looking at 2016 to figure out what to do in 2020 had better be a Browns fan practicing tempering their expectations. D.J. Moore is being predicted by some pundits to have #1 overall WR potential, how much hype is he really worth?

D.J. Moore ADP and AAV:
Standard: WR21, 51 overall
PPR: WR10, 30 overall
Average Auction Value: $21

D.J. Moore Statistics:
Year 2019 2018
G 15 16
GS 15 10
Tgt 135 82
Rec 87 55
Yards 1175 788
TD 4 2
Tgt/G 8.44 5.13
Rec/G 5.44 3.44
Rec% 64.4% 67.1%
Yds/Tgt 8.70 9.61
Yds/Rec 13.51 14.33
Year 2019 2018
Std Pts 143.5 102
HPPR Pts 187 129.5
PPR Pts 230.5 157
Pts/G 9.6 6.4
HPPR Pts/G 12.5 8.1
PPR Pts/G 15.4 9.8
Pts/Tgt 1.06 1.24
Pts/Tgt (HPPR) 1.39 1.58
Pts/Tgt (PPR) 1.71 1.91
Year 2019 2018
Air Yards 1499 810
aDOT 11.1 9.8
YAC 384 416
YAC/Tgt 2.84 5.01
YAC/Rec 4.41 7.56
YAC% 32.7% 52.8%
AYMS 31% 19%
Tgt MS 23% 15%
D.J. Moore Overview:

Here at Carolina Panther Automotive, we know our fantasy football customers have come to expect the very best from our wide receivers. The same customers have been abandoning us in droves because we haven’t had a wide receiver crack the top 17 in the past three seasons.

We’ve been working hard to change our image, and we’re pleased to say the 2020 Carolina Panthers have a great chance of revving up at least one top-ten wide receiver.

The first thing we did was utterly neglect our defense, not unlike how we increased our sports cars’ top speed by deducting the weight of airbags. This defense allowed a whopping 470 points in 2019, second highest in the league. That fuels come-from-behind situations that can only benefit our passing stats. We let Luke Kuechly retire, and we spent all seven of our draft picks on defense, and hope to field the league’s most inexperienced eleven offensive stoppers in 2020.

But our commitment to our passing game didn’t stop there. Gone are the days of receivers catching passes from Taylor “Who the Heck” Heinicke, Will “Pam” Grier, Kyle “The Pile” Allen, and Cam “Decomposing Corpse” Newton. We’ve put a Teddy Bridgewater under the hood, and expect things to run with far more horsepower.

So, when you think “high-performance wide receiver,” take a look at our 2020 D.J. Moore model. Poised for a third-year breakout, Moore won the J.D. Powers award for “best luxury vehicle in a human form.”

D.J. Moore Draft Strategy

D.J. Moore Auction Value: $41
Draft Ranking: Find out for your league settings in a Beersheet!

People have been getting Moore in the middle of the third round and an average of $21. Those people should all be arrested for Grand Theft Automatic, as in “bidding more than $30 for Moore and picking him by the start of the third round should be automatic.”

He finished eighteenth among WRs in 2019 despite scoring fewer touchdowns (4) than anyone else in the top 24. That’s got to regress up with a decent (or at least not horrible) QB under center and CMC not getting 7,000 all-purpose yards again. Last year the Panthers threw the second-most passes in the NFL but had the 7th lowest completion percentage. Let that sink in: Even with a running back that caught 81% of his 142 targets, the Panthers still were horrendous at getting the ball on target. That has to regress, it’s ridiculous. Feel free to reach for Moore and pencil him in as a WR1 for a Carolina in 2020.

Best Case Scenario:

You get Moore for a deal, he finishes as a top-six WR. You never have to worry about making a cool fantasy football team name, because both “Moore” and “DJ” fit into everything.

Worst Case Scenario:

You reach for Moore in the second (or for over $30). Teddy Bridgewater is a mess. Moore still finishes as a high-end WR2 because even a messy Teddy is better than whatever was going on behind center in 2019.

[Statistics are sourced from pro-football-reference.com and airyards.com]